XRP and Metaverse Tokens Rise Hard Despite Bleeding Crypto Market

May 2023 is still a difficult month for the crypto market. Nevertheless, the damage is not too bad for the time being and today news about a notorious lawsuit ensures that the value of the market is holding up reasonably well. Meanwhile, new hype about metaverse tokens seems to be catching on. Still, crypto’s total market cap is down 1% to $1.168 trillion.

Bitcoin price drops below $27,000 again

Bitcoin (BTC) has been struggling to hold above $27,000 lately and dipped below again this morning. While whales finally seem to be waking up, it is noticeable that many analysts are becoming increasingly bearish in the near term. Bitcoin is down 1.4% to $26,820 today.

Ethereum holds up slightly stronger

Ethereum (ETH) briefly moved above $1.8340 again last night, but is making a similar kind of plunge to bitcoin this morning. The ether price seems to find support around $1,805 for the time being, but is therefore down 0.8% today.

Solana hardest faller red crypto top 10

Cardano (ADA) made a big spike to $0.377 last night, but falls all the way back to $0.366 this morning and is therefore 0.9% down. Binance coin (BNB) also loses 0.9% of its value and comes around this morning $309.7 off.

Polygon (MATIC) already had a hard dive yesterday, but is slowly recovering. However, with a price of $0.085, MATIC is already down 1.3%. Solana (SOL), however, is already recovering less strongly and is down 2% to $20.6.

XRP rises sharply on news of lawsuit

Dogecoin (DOGE), on the other hand, turns green today. The DOGE price is currently approaching $0.073 and is therefore 1% up. Then we have ripple (XRP), which shot up sharply last night on positive news about the lawsuit. However, since XRP touched $0.46, the price has been falling this morning and currently stands at around $0.445. Nevertheless, XRP is still 5.1% up today.

PEPE once again hardest faller crypto top 100

However, the top 100 mainly colors red. At the top, today we find conflux (CFX) down 5%, while the price rose the most yesterday. Kava (KAVA) loses 6% of its value, but it is again pepe (PEPE) that falls the hardest. The PEPE price drops 7.5% to $0.00000157.

Metaverse tokens are suddenly skyrocketing

Yet we have even more green exceptions today. Litecoin (LTC) continues to enjoy the hype surrounding the upcoming halving, rising 4% to $92.5.

Optimisim (OP), synthetix (SNX), huobi (HT) and flow (FLOW) are up about 4%. Dash (DASH) is up almost 5% and sandbox and render are already up more than 6%. Decentraland (MANA) made a huge jump last night and is up no less than 9.5% today at $0.52.

However, at the time of writing, axie infinity steals the show. The AXS price is currently making unprecedented peaks and just shot up almost 18% in a few minutes to $8.09. That may have to do with the launch of Axie Infinity Origins on the Appstore. The ronin (RON) token also just made a big spike.

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