Xiaomi’s new smart lock recognizes your face

Smart locks are a great way to make accessing your home easier.

Unlike traditional locks, smart locks can be more secure as they can use access codes or even biometric security such as fingerprints to unlock the door.

Now it looks like Xiaomi is taking things even further with their latest smart lock, Xiaomi Face Recognition Smart Door Lock X.

As the name suggests, this lock will have Built-in face recognition so it can be unlocked by detecting the owner’s face.

The lock will feature 3D structured light, like the iPhone’s facial identification system, which will aid in the facial recognition process.

The company claims it’s its next-generation smart lock and offers the “Highest level of security by facial recognition”.

The lock also has an ultrasonic sensor that can detect when someone is at your door, and if that person has been hanging around your door for a long time, it can even notify users through the Mi app.

Smart lock will also feature up to eight different unlocking methods in facial recognition fail, and it has an internal 6.250mAh battery that should last a long time.

At the moment, nothing is known about its price, but it should go on sale on October 12th.

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