Home Tech Xiaomi will slow down some smartphones like Apple. You’ll see.

Xiaomi will slow down some smartphones like Apple. You’ll see.

THE Xiaomi you’ll learn another lesson from Apple’s laptop. This time, showing warnings on their Android smartphones where the user has installed a non-original battery. That is, if you have replaced the power cell with a third party component.

In addition, Xiaomi will slow down the performance of smartphones in which it detects the replacement of this component by another not produced by itself. Likewise, it will also slow down the loading speed. To do this, it invokes security reasons.

The practice will be instituted by Xiaomi in China.

Xiaomi Android Smartphone
The battery is one of the most volatile components of a smartphone.

As the portal reports XDA DevelopersWith the distribution of version 5.6.0 of the Mi Security application, Xiaomi prepares users for a somewhat unusual introduction. At the moment, the app offers new options for battery care, charging speed, information on charge cycles, and other details associated with power management.

However, this portal came to discover that Xiaomi is considering presenting a warning to its users, as well as a decrease in the charging speed every time the operating system detects an “unauthorized” battery. That is, an unofficial battery.

In effect, the smartphone will warn the user if their device is using a different battery than the one approved by Xiaomi. In addition, this notice will indicate that the power cell “it should only be replaced by an authorized service provider. “

It will also alert you to the fact that an “unauthorized” battery can cause harm to both the device and the user.

A notice will be presented to the Xiaomi smartphone user

Example of the notice to be presented to Xiaomi smartphone users.

The discovery made by the portal in question resulted from the analysis of the APK, the installation file of the latest version of this application, Mi Security. Thus, inside, the alert screen that we can see in the images above would be detected.

Currently, this notice will only be displayed in China. In addition, it will only work on Xiaomi Mi 9, Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro smartphones, as long as the presence of a battery other than the original, or a replacement approved by the manufacturer, is detected.

Please note that this notice should not be displayed outside of China. The conclusion is highlighted by the team of developers of the XDA Developers portal, who point out the exclusivity of this future notice and behavior for the China market.

“This device has been equipped with a built-in battery that should only be replaced by an authorized service provider. Replacing the battery elsewhere may damage this device. The use of unauthorized batteries may result in damage, overheating, or battery leakage. . It may also cause a fire, as well as other hazards. Do not use unauthorized batteries. “

This is the message that will be displayed if the conditions mentioned above are met.

Apple also warns iPhone users

The move finds precedent in Apple’s iPhone smartphones.

A similar warning is also presented to Apple smartphone users whenever the iPhone recognizes the presence of an unofficial battery. The same happens when the equipment is not repaired by an authorized repair center, for example.

This measure would be contested by several critics of Apple, and the North American technology would cite security reasons for it. Now, Xiaomi also invokes the same reasons, wanting to safeguard the good use of its Android smartphones.

Finally, for now, Xiaomi’s move will be limited to China’s domestic market. There is currently no indication that it can be applied, for example, in Europe.

Should the manufacturer extend this type of notice to our market?

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