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Xiaomi TV S receives two new Smart TVs that we want to see in Portugal

Xiaomi has reinforced its Smart TV offer with the presentation of two new models of the Xiaomi TV S line. In fact, the products presented are distinguished by the size of their 55 and 85-inch screens.

The first model will be the smallest in this line of smart TVs and, of course, the most affordable. The second model will be the largest in this line, suitable for those looking for a more immersive experience.

Xiaomi TV S of 55 “and 85” are the new smart TVs of the brand

The Xiaomi TV S line was originally presented in March with 65″ and 75″ versions. The models presented today inherit its main features, namely the elegance of its design and its excellent build quality.

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They have a metal structure that enhances their longevity and gives the sensation premium that we want in this type of televisions. The margins are, as expected, quite small, which enhances the feeling of immersion in multimedia consumption.

Both models presented now share the main features, with the obvious exception of the size of their screen. Therefore, the specifications that we will disclose apply to both the 55″ and 85″ models.

Starting with the screen, the two new Xiaomi TV S have a resolution 4K at 3840 x 2160 pixels. The refresh rate of your image will vary between 48hz and the 144hzhave 1.07 billion colors and Technology MEMC.

Inside these Smart TVs we have a processor MT9653 composed of four Cortex A73 cores. This processor gives Xiaomi’s new TVs powerful AI computing power.

It is also important to note that the new Xiaomi TV S arrive with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage Paying attention to its software, we find the MIUI TV interface, through which the user will navigate to see their favorite content.

The Xiaomi TV S are still equipped with the standard Wi-Fi 6 for a faster and more stable Internet connection. It is also important to note the presence of two inputs hdmi 2.1 ideal for making the most of new generation consoles.

One of the most important points of these Smart TVs is their price and here Xiaomi does not disappoint. The 55-inch version costs around €316, while the 85-inch version costs around €791. For now, they are only available in China and we are awaiting information on their global availability.

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