Xiaomi: these smart watches and bracelets have reached the end of their life [Lista]

Xiaomi’s extensive portfolio of smartbands and smartwatches is regularly updated with new models and, inexorably, the oldest ones stop receiving official support in the form of software updates, improvements and fixes.

Such is the case of the equipment that we list below, smart watches and activity bracelets that have already had their place in the sun, but now the winter of their days is approaching. So, having announced the list of Xiaomi smartphones at the end of their useful life, we now have the equivalent list for the wearable of the Chinese company.

Ready wearable Xiaomi at the end of its life [maio de 2022]

  • mi smart band 4
  • Xiaomi watch
  • Xiaomi Color Edition Keith Haring Watch

In addition to the new additions to the list, the following models have already appeared:

  • my smart band 1
  • mi smart band 2
  • mi smart band 3
  • mi smart band 3i
List of Xiaomi wearables at the end of their useful life. Credit: xiaomi

Xiaomi’s current portfolio includes equipment from the Mi Smart Band range, better known in Portugal as Mi Band, as well as smart watches from the Xiaomi Watch and POCO Watch line, as well as models launched by the Redmi sub-brand.

So, with the list of equipment gradually increasing, it is natural that the Chinese technology company led by Lei Jun will gradually “refresh” some of the older models. Such is the case of the Mi Band 4 bracelet, one of the last on the list.

For the devices in question, this means the end of official software updates. Therefore, from now on you will have to buy a new model if you want to continue receiving official support with new functions, security updates, bug fixes, among other improvements.

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Finally, all equipment listed here will continue to function normally as long as wear or accident does not break it or prevent its normal use.

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