Xiaomi: these are the POCO that will officially receive MIUI 14

Earlier this week, the new POCO X5 and POCO X5 Pro smartphones, from the Xiaomi sub-brand, were presented. These devices hit the market with MIUI 14, albeit based on Android 12.

This event also made it clear that the brand’s smartphones will receive (or have already started) MIUI 14. Check the list below.

POCO smartphones that will receive MIUI 14

  • LITTLE X4 Pro 5G;
  • POC M5;
  • LITTLE M5;
  • LITTLE M4 Pro 5G;
  • LITTLE M4 Pro 4G;
  • LITTLE M4 5G;
  • LITTLE M3 Pro 5G;
  • LITTLE M3;
  • LITTLE X3;
  • LITTLE F2 Pro;
  • LITTLE M2;
  • LITTLE M2 Pro.

POCO F4, X4 GT and X3 Pro will already have received MIUI 14

Remember that this list does not include the POCO F4, POCO X4 GT and POCO X3 Pro, which will have already started receiving MIUI 14 earlier.

According to the source, Xiaomiui, six of these terminals will receive MIUI 14 based on Android 12. These are the POCO M3, POCO X3, POCO X3 NFC, POCO M2, POCO M2 Pro and POCO F2.

Xiaomi LITTLE X5 Pro
Xiaomi LITTLE X5 Pro

The rest of the terminals on the list are not entitled to MIUI 14 based on Android 13 with the latest news from the Google operating system.

In addition to these, the POCO X5 and POCO X5 Pro will also be updated to Android 13, since they come from the factory with MIUI 14 based on Android 12.

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