Xiaomi surpasses Apple and Samsung in Europe with these smartphones

THE Xiaomi currently dominates the segment of 5G smartphones in Europe according to data from the market analysis agency Strategy Analytics. According to this source, we see, in effect, that the Chinese manufacturer exceeds both the Apple like Samsung, the global market leader mobile.

What is at stake is the volume of 5G smartphones sold in the third quarter of 2021 (July to September) in the European region. It’s a major achievement for the Lei Jun-led manufacturer and bodes well for the orange brand’s plans going forward.

Xiaomi is the new queen of 5G smartphones in Europe

Xiaomi strategy analysis
Market share (5G smartphones) in the third quarter of 2021. Credit: Strategy analysis

The Xiaomi team has reason to celebrate. The Chinese manufacturer managed to collect some impressive 41.8% market share in the 5G smartphone segment in Europe, so it ranks first comfortably.

According to metrics provided by Strategy Analytics, the Chinese manufacturer isolated itself not only from Samsung, but also from Apple by putting more 5G products and phones on the market. In fact, it sent Samsung to third place in this market outlook.

In second place we have Apple thanks to the iPhone 12 generation, presented in September 2020 with support for 5G mobile networks. Its success in Europe would also help move Samsung to third place.

The “silver” was collected by the Cupertino giant who, from 0, won 26% of market share in this segment thank you. The “bronze” went to Samsung with 11.5%, falling this quarter compared to the 34.3% registered in the same period of 2020.

Realme is another good surprise in the European 5G smartphone market

Realme Narzo 30 5G
The Realme Narzo 30 5G smartphone was introduced in June 2021.

Realme is another of the fastest growing manufacturers in Europe. It is a sub-brand of OPPO, with relative operational independence, responsible for some of the best affordable 5G mobile phones currently on the market.

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Living proof of this premise is the Realme Narzo 30 5G smartphone, available from € 186.15 on Amazon.ES at the time of writing. It is products like this that helped it become a benchmark in the cost / benefit segment in 2021.

On the other hand, we see OnePlus in decline in this important smartphone segment. However, please note that this OPPO sub-brand specializes in the segment cousin, therefore, with a more restricted target audience.

Chinese manufacturers dominate the 5G smartphone market

The inference we can draw from this is the visible Chinese power in this market segment. Given that 5G is the future of our smartphones and mobile networks also in Portugal, to the detriment of the successive delays of ANACOM and the respective 5G auction, it is well known that this is one of the great revolutions of the sector.

That said, we see a dominance of China-based brands, and Xiaomi is the perfect example of that. There is also a positive note for Apple, which specializes in the segment cousin.

On the other hand, we see Samsung, the leading brand in the global smartphone market, lagging behind in this segment that represents the future. Can the South Korean manufacturer reverse this trend and compete with the margins of Xiaomi and Realme?

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