Xiaomi prepares the improvement of user privacy with MIUI 13

MIUI 13 will be the next version of Xiaomi’s proprietary interface for its smartphones. With its availability from the end of 2021, the Chinese company continues to focus on the development of this software.

Through one of its beta versions, we know one of the main novelties of the new interface. In fact, MIUI 13 will give users greater control over the data collected thanks to the addition of new powers.

MIUI 13 will allow users to control the information collected

As MIUIes reveals, the new version of this interface will bring a new panel. This will be in the security menu of Xiaomi smartphones and will focus on privacy.

Xiaomi MIUI 13

Here, users will have greater knowledge and control over the information collected by the applications installed on their smartphone. Something that Google also introduced in Android 12 that, incidentally, served as the basis for the development of MIUI 13.

For this to be possible, applications must provide a description of the permissions they request from the user. In other words, any application will have to justify what it will ask users to do.

Subsequently, the user may revoke the permissions previously granted to any application. If you conclude that a certain access is not justified, you can quickly block the collection of that information.

In addition, the user can later reject the privacy policy of any application present on his Xiaomi device. However, you should be aware that this will make you no longer able to use the application in question.

With the launch of MIUI 13, Xiaomi will strengthen the control that users will exercise over what they have on their smartphone. It will be more difficult for an application to collect data without the user being aware of this practice.

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This new feature has been seen in some MIUI trial versions in China. In fact, everything points to a global launch once MIUI 13 starts shipping to all Xiaomi users.

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