Xiaomi, OPPO and Nothing work on satellite communications with Qualcomm

TO xiaomi, OPPO, Nothing, motorola and other mobile device manufacturers are currently working to bring satellite connectivity to their smartphones.

The technology will end gaps in mobile network coverage and ensure that we are never deprived of service, perhaps when we need it most.

The news comes from the Mobile World Congress 2023, the MWC 23 that is held in Barcelona. There, manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Motorola, OPPO, Honor, as well as Nothing have already expressed their intentions to implement this technology.Qualcomm technology in future smartphones.

Apple pioneered emergency satellite communications on the iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14

Pioneer in implementation this The technology was Apple with its iPhone 14 presented last September. The functionality aims to guarantee emergency communications through direct connection to communication satellites. In this way, in case of emergency, the user will always have access to emergency services thanks to calls/SMS via satellite connection.

It is one of the cases in which, in my opinion, I see with good eyes Android manufacturers following this example. Something that can help the common user in the most delicate moments, in the event of an accident in a remote region, or when for some reason access to the mobile network is interrupted or fails.

Apple iPhone 14

At the moment, the connection via satellite with the new Apple iPhones is possible thanks to the RF components customized by Apple itself and the Qualcomm modem.

According to Qualcomm’s vice president of product, Francesco Grilli:

“By incorporating Snapdragon Satellite technology into the next generation of devices, our partners will be able to offer the ability to send messages via satellite. This is thanks to the constellation of LEO satellites that are already commercially available. they are exploring the splendors of nature.

Qualcomm showcased its solutions at CES Las Vegas 2023


US-based Qualcomm unveiled its emergency satellite communications technology at CES Las Vegas 2023 in early January. Dubbed Snapdragon Satellite, the technology aims to always maintain a communication bridge between the device and the rest of the world.

Until now, however, Android manufacturers had not ruled on the implementation of this system, something that now changes at MWC 2023.

In a single effort, from Xiaomi to OPPO, Motorola, Nothing and several other brands make it known that their next phones will incorporate this possibility.

For now, however, the technology is under development, with Qualcomm’s solution accompanied and assisted by the main brands in the Android segment.

However, we do know that Snapdragon Satellite will be enabled by Qualcomm’s upcoming RF modems that will arrive with processors from the Snapdragon 8 to Snapdragon 4 ranges.

Happy to see so many partners working with @Qualcommin @Dragon mouth satelite!

— Francesco Grilli (@GrilliF) February 27, 2023

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