Xiaomi opens another 5 physical stores and 3 kiosks in Portugal at the end of 2021

Xiaomi continues to firmly strengthen its presence in our country. And by the end of the year there will be a total of 17 physical stores and three pop-up stores (kiosks) throughout the country. Five new spaces will open in the coming weeks.

Next Saturday, October 30, the physical store of Viseu, which will be located in the Palácio do Gelo. During the month of December, the inhabitants of Gondomar They will also have their Xiaomi space in Parque Nascente.

The month of December also promises to be full for anyone who is a fan of Xiaomi in Évora. The manufacturer plans to open a store in Évora Plaza in early December. Below are the stores in sintra (about Alegro Sintra) and Aveiro (in Glicínias Plaza Aveiro), in the second week of December.

Xiaomi promotions in the Viseu store:

This will be the external appearance of the Mi Store in Viseu

Pop-stores: the new Xiaomi concept in Portugal

Xiaomi will not stop at physical stores, and has a new concept that it calls pop stores. In the first week of November it opens in Ferrara Plaza, in Ferreira Palace. The following week it opens in Bragança Shopping, in Braganza. Follow a kiosk in White Castle (Castelo Branco Forum) at the end of November.

“In the case of kiosks, we want to introduce a new concept, with the aim of democratizing the technology and capillarity of our services, thus reaching even more consumers”, begins by explaining Tiago Flores, Xiaomi Country Manager.

“We want everyone to have access to the best technology, at the fairest price, and this is true for all Xiaomi products. We want to be closer and closer to people, contributing to a more connected and intelligent day to day ”, he concludes.

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Xiaomi remembers that it already has 12 stores in our country. Namely: Porto (Sá da Bandeira), Braga Parque, Gaia Shopping, MAR Shopping Matosinhos, Lisbon (Chiado and Colombo), Oeiras Shopping, Mar Shopping Algarve, Ponta Delgada (Parque Atlântico), Coimbra Forum and Leiria Shopping.

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