Home Tech Xiaomi: new MIJIA air purifier for a perfect environment in your home

Xiaomi: new MIJIA air purifier for a perfect environment in your home


Xiaomi has just made available the new MIJIA air purifier that will give your home a perfect environment free of particles that are harmful to health.

In a single cycle, the new equipment is capable of eliminating bacteria and viruses suspended in the air, through innovative technology.

UV lamp and sterilization technology for a bacteria and virus free environment

Xiaomi purifier

Xiaomi has just made available to the Chinese market the new MIJIA air purifier, which increases its line of essential products for the home. The device features a cylindrical design that is based on a metallic texture.

The large upper part can be removed from the equipment to facilitate the operation of cleaning the air duct while the integrated OLED touch screen allows all operations to be carried out by touch.

The new purifier is equipped with double coating, ultraviolet lamp and high energy plasma sterilization technology. The combination of these three attributes allows the equipment to sterilize and filter allergens present in the air, in a single cycle.


More: Being a plasma generator, the new MIJIA can continuously release high-energy positive and negative ions to kill bacteria and viruses suspended in the air around us. Result: a house with a perfect and refined environment, of course.

Speaking more in detail, the built-in UV lamp is able to kill bacteria in real time and thus prevent the spread of contamination in the air.

The MIJIA air purifier performs progressive purification in six stages, capable of removing 98.02% of formaldehyde in one hour. On the other hand, nano-level filtration allows an efficiency of 99.5% in absorbing unpleasant odors and filtering dust.

In turn, the air purification efficiency reaches 600 cubic meters per hour, and the applicable area is 42 to 72 square meters. This means that it can work in any room of the house, from the living room to the office, inevitably passing through the bedroom.


But there is better. Integrated high-precision sensors will monitor changes in air pollution in real time, 24 hours a day. If the values ​​exceed the standard considered normal, the purifier turns on automatically. After the air cleaning task is completed, the purifier will also turn off automatically to save energy.

In addition, the new MIJIA model includes a long-lasting filter, with a useful life of six to 12 months, which emits an alert to warn the user that it must be changed.

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