Home Tech Xiaomi: more revelations of MIUI 13 now released (video)

Xiaomi: more revelations of MIUI 13 now released (video)

Xiaomi: more revelations of MIUI 13 now released (video)

Xiaomi has managed to keep its new MIUI 13 interface a secret, but now some of the features that we can expect to see integrated have been revealed.

On the other hand, the logo of the new Xiaomi interface was also launched, which seems to be inspired by previous versions of MIUI.

Infinite scrolling could be one of the new features of MIUI 13

According to news reports, the MIUI 13 logo was discovered in the Xiaomi Service application update source code to version and features a design very much inspired by its predecessor versions. But the truth is that this revelation sharpens (even) more the interest that surrounds the next Xiaomi interface.

And what can we expect again? According to the Xiaomiui website, we will at least find three new functions in MIUI 13, one of which is infinite scrolling. In practice, this functionality makes the user return to the original page, after having reviewed all the available content. But you can see how all the news works in the videos included in this article that were published by the Xiaomiui website on the YouTube platform.

Xiaomi could have launched MIUI 13 in the middle of summer

Another new feature of MIUI 13 will be Smart Toolbox. This feature allows users to open a sidebar, where they can access other options and applications. In the beta version of MIUI 12.5, the small widgets are already available, but it seems that in the new version of MIUI these will be an integral part of the interface.

But the third piece of information that has just been published does not reveal any new functionality, but rather gives us a date when Xiaomi could have announced the interface. According to Xiaomiui’s website, the firmware includes a link to August 16, 2021. This suggests that the company intended to launch or at least announce the new MIUI 13 on that date. But, for some as yet unknown reason, Xiaomi has postponed the launch of the interface, which is expected to launch on December 28, 2021.

Xiaomi founder confirms that MIUI 13 will be launched before the end of this year

However, Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun has publicly stated that the brand’s new interface will completely change the user experience on Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco smartphones.

More: The senior official of the Chinese manufacturer also confirmed that MIUI 13 will be launched even before the end of 2021. According to previously advanced information, Xiaomi’s new interface will be based on the new Android 12 operating system.

The MIUI 13 interface will be presented together with the new Xiaomi 12 series of smartphones

However, it is almost certain that some smartphones from the Xiaomi universe will receive MIUI 13, based on the previous Android 11. Other sources also say that the interface was completely redesigned and that it could present fewer problems than its predecessor.

As we said, Xiaomi has managed to keep MIUI 13 a secret, but now we have the official confirmation from the brand to ensure that it will reach users even before the end of this year. This reinforces the idea that on December 28, the Chinese manufacturer will not only present the new model of the iconic Xiaomi 12 series, but will also launch the long-awaited MIUI 13 interface.

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