Xiaomi: more news about MIUI 13 and the first devices that will receive the new interface

It will be on December 28 that Xiaomi will present the new MIUI 13, but now another detail of the interface has been revealed.

However, it is also known which will be the first models of the Chinese brand to receive the update to MIUI 13.

These are the new fonts that MIUI 13 will use

MIUI 13 source
MIUI 13 will use new fonts never before included in Xiaomi interfaces Credit @ Xiaomiui

Shortly before the official reveal of MIUI 13, scheduled for December 28, a new reveal is made about the new online interface. Apparently, the new interface will use the Mi Sans and Mi Prototype 210317 fonts, replacing the current Mi Lan Pro VF.

In the images published by the new information leak, we see that the new fonts have more rounded letters and smoother lines than the current font that Xiaomi uses, in addition to a much more modern look.

The same leak also reveals that the new MIUI 13 fonts will also include two new special characters: the Xiaomi and MIUI logos.

MIUI 13 source

Xiaomi MIUI 13
The new MIUI 13 fonts will include special characters with the brand’s logos and the interface itself Credit @ Xiaomiui

Note that Xiaomi has used the Mi Lan Pro VF font from the MIUI 11 interface and that in the MIUI 12.5 update, the font just got a different name by adding Mi Sans to its designation. Most likely, this small change has already been used to anticipate the big change that will happen now in MIUI 13.

Few details have been revealed online about the new MIUI 13 interface, but a big change is expected that will possibly include new features and remove existing features, namely Weather Super Wallpaper and Screen On Time.

These are the first devices to receive the new MIUI 13

The new MIUI 13 is expected to be, initially, only available in the Chinese market, followed later by its global launch. In the same sense, the team will also receive the new interface, gradually.

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It has now been revealed online who will be the first to receive the long-awaited interface. Are they:

Note for the Xiaomi Youth Edition model that, despite not being a high-end smartphone, it is also one of the terminals selected to receive, first-hand, the new interface. However, the reasons for such an option by Xiaomi are unknown.
It is very possible that more teams will join this “privileged” list, but we will have to wait for the official presentation of the interface to obtain the final list of all the terminals and the dates on which they will receive the update.

Possibly, even when it was officially announced at the date of the Xiaomi 12 flagship reveal, we will have more details about the interface, including this part of the next event of the brand that, as indicated, will happen on December 28, same date. year.

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