Xiaomi: MIUI may get a new feature that will please many users

After the news that Xiaomi may make a version 13.5 of MIUI available, here is more news about the interface of the Chinese brand.

According to the latest rumors, the MIUI interface could soon get a new feature that will keep games updated in the background. This feature will please many users, especially game fans.

New feature in MIUI 13 will update installed games in the background

Xiaomi’s MIUI interface may gain a version 13.5 Credit@Xiaomiui

Recently, it was not only reported that the MIUI interface could soon have version 13.5, but also a list of Xiaomi smartphones eligible to install this version was published.

Now there are more news related to the interface of the Chinese brand that show that a new feature may be on the way.

According to the XDA Developers website, the interface will soon be able to keep the games installed on the terminal updated in the background. In practice, the feature will automatically install all new updates in the background, without any effort from the user.

But the new functionality has some quirks. According to the same source, this feature may only work with select games or games obtained from the Xiaomi app store.

Another detail that is not clear is if this new feature will only be available in the Chinese market or if it will be entitled to a global launch. In fact, there is no information on the date of availability of the resource.

How will Xiaomi’s new MIUI feature work?

As we have already said, the new feature planned for Xiaomi’s MIUI interface will not require any effort from the user. All thanks to its performance.

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It is enough for the user to activate this option so that the smartphone automatically downloads new game content. The function will work as long as the terminal is connected to a Wi-Fi network and even if the screen is off.

The XDA Developers website advances that the feature will download all new game updates as soon as they are made available by the developers.

Of course, this new feature will gain more prominence if you have the opportunity to download new content before launch. Otherwise, it will just be a content update similar to what Google’s Play Store has been doing for some time.

For now, this is the information available, but more details may be released soon revealing a little more about this resource.

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