Xiaomi MIUI 13: more security, optimized performance and unexpected news

Behold, Xiaomi finally presents its long-awaited MIUI 13 completely redesigned with new widgets and features.

New in security and privacy, a version for tablets and even a platform that allows a multi-device system. Xiaomi took a while to present MIUI 13, but it seems that the wait was worth it, at least for Chinese users.

New Mi Sans font and bug fixes

Screenshots of Xiaomi’s new MIUI 13 interface

Xiaomi has just introduced the MIUI 13 interface which has been completely redesigned and brings with it new wigdets, themes and even a new font. Then the information that the Chinese brand replaces the current font Mi Lan Pro VF with Mi Sans is confirmed. As it is a more compact font, it allows more elements to be displayed on the screen and we assume that was the reason why the brand made the change.

On the other hand, Xiaomi’s association with Beauty of Science also resulted in new exclusive wallpapers now available. Android 12 Material You is also available, which allows the user to choose a color that will extend to widgets, icons, menu, etc.


According to the Chinese brand, MIUI 13 offers more efficiency in autonomy management, as it has improved intelligent optimization to minimize applications that are not being used.

The Chinese manufacturer also guarantees that it analyzed and corrected the errors, optimizing the system in its fluency, while running the applications. Therefore, MIUI 13 offers long-term high performance. Users will talk about their equity in the future.

More security and privacy with MIUI 13

Xiaomi’s new interface also promises more security than its predecessor, especially when it comes to facial recognition, which now has a more advanced method that can retrieve information from identification documents and credit cards.

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Also in the security area, Xiaomi reinforced the anti-fraud measures already included in MIUI 12.5 to avoid spam received through calls and SMS.

MIUI 13 Pad: the interface specially designed for tablets


The Chinese manufacturer also released the MIUI 13 version for tablets that now allows the use of floating windows, in a very similar way to what we use in a desktop environment.

And speaking of similarities, the MIUI 13 Pad has a design very similar to Apple’s iPad software, from the logo on the application icons to the bar at the bottom of the screen.

The MIUI 13 Pad also has the same security and performance optimization features already described here for the smartphone version, as well as the Pen tablet will have more tools available, for screen capture and image cropping.

MIUI 13 with multiple device system

The brand ended this part of the presentation, revealing its ambitious plans for MIUI 13 to have its own version for other teams. So it seems that the Chinese brand will also make MIUI 13 Home, MIUI 13 Watch and MIUI 13 TV available.

Everything so that the connection between the most diverse equipment is fast, fluid and very easy to use. However, this last part in the near future should only benefit Chinese users.

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