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Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Evaporative Cooling Fan: the ideal equipment to combat hot days

The good weather is beginning to show its first symptoms and this is the ideal time to start preparing ourselves in the best way to combat the coming heat.

With that in mind, Xiaomi has just released its new MIJIA Smart Evaporative Cooling Fan, a device that has three effective methods to bring you cool air.

The Xiaomi MIJIA smart evaporative cooling fan cools itself in three different ways

Image of Xiaomi's ventilation column with a person

Although Xiaomi is best known for its extensive portfolio of smartphones, the Chinese brand also has a very diverse line of home products that is popular with users around the world.

Now, Xiaomi has just launched another home device that will be crucial next summer, anticipating that it will be quite hot. It is a new ventilation column that comes with three different cooling modes.

The MIJIA Smart Evaporative Cooling Fan can be programmed to “blow”, cool or humidify the atmosphere of a room. It also has a water circulation cooling system.

Which means it allows adding water or ice crystals to create other effects to cool people down. The innovative and patented design of the water tank allows it to be removed, whenever necessary, for cleaning and thus guarantee the hygiene of this tank.


But the new ventilation column does not only cool the room. Its silver ion antibacterial module manages to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria in the air. This feature is especially useful for all users who suffer from allergies or for families with small children, who are more sensitive to the environment around them.

Xiaomi’s new ventilation column is also equipped with a wide air outlet that can cover up to a distance of 10 meters. Which means it has the ability to cool larger rooms in the home or office.

In addition, the MIJIA smart evaporative cooling fan has four wind modes: direct, natural, cold and night, to meet the needs of each room or more or less hot temperature.

The model, which can also be controlled via the XiaoAI app, has just become available on the Chinese market. But unfortunately the brand did not provide information about its global availability.

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