Xiaomi MIJIA N1 Smart Dishwater: the equipment your kitchen needs

Xiaomi has just made the new MIJIA N1 smart water machine available on the Chinese market.

The new model arrives with the capacity to wash and sterilize all your crockery and with enough technology to facilitate your tasks in the kitchen.

Xiaomi MIJIA N1 Smart Dishwater arrives with automatic drying

image of Xiaomi MIJIA N1 Smart Dishwater with the door open

Xiaomi is known above all for its portfolio of smartphones. But her MIJIA line of hers, aimed at the home, is gaining more and more followers. And it is not for less because of the innovative technology and efficient equipment that this series has among its options.

The latest launch of the Chinese brand in this line is the new MIIA N1 Smart Dishwater. As its name implies, it is a dishwasher. But the model goes further and also sterilizes the parts with a rate of 99.9%. All thanks to the high temperature wash cycle of 75 degrees Celsius.

But there is more The new MIJIA N1 has 11 washing programs that are characterized by their efficiency in the use of water and energy. According to information released by the brand itself, this model even manages to exceed the efficiency standards determined by the Chinese authorities.

But the MIJIA N1 Smart Dishwater hides other surprises. During the drying process, the machine door opens automatically to facilitate air circulation, thus reducing drying time.

Once this phase of the process is finished, the door closes again, also automatically, to protect the pieces from dust and possible secondary contamination.

This drying process is actually made up of several factors: it combines PTC hot air, automatic door opening and residual heat condensation. Everything so that the process is fast in time and efficient in results.

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Image of Xiaomi MIJIA N1 Smart Dishwater communicating with a smartphone

To also guarantee effective washing results, the new Xiaomi machine has a triple rotating spray arm, capable of simultaneously releasing 44 high-pressure water jets at high temperatures.

This spray arm works together with an intelligent water quality adjustment system and a triple precision filtration system that are capable of handling even the toughest dirt.

The Xiaomi MIJIA N1 Smart Dishwater has just been available on the Chinese market at a price of 2,799 yuan, that is, approximately 370 euros. Unfortunately, the brand has not provided information on its availability worldwide.

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