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Xiaomi MIJIA Fascia Gun 2: the new generation massage gun

The Chinese technology Xiaomi, famous for its quality/price smartphones, has just launched a new gadget for the home, or for when you return from the gym. This is the new massage gun. Xiaomi MIJIA Fascia Gun 2 with autonomy of up to 30 days.

Perfect for when we come home tired, or sore after a day of work, either due to a bad position from sitting for too long in front of the computer, or pure physical exhaustion after the work day.

In any case, this new massage gun could be the ideal product to make our lives a little more comfortable.

This is the new Xiaomi MIJIA Fascia Gun 2 massage gun

Xiaomi MIJIA Fascia Gun 2 Massage Gun

The new Xiaomi MIJIA Fascia Gun 2 massage gun has now been launched in the brand’s home country of China, and is now also reaching stores in the domestic market.

Meanwhile, in Portugal, through the official store, the Xiaomi Store, we also have products similar to this same massage gun.

In any case, the new generation stands out mainly for its extended autonomy – up to 30 days of normal use. It is ergonomically shaped, similar to a hair dryer, but much denser and also well-constructed for durability.

More capabilities for muscle massage in the new generation of this gadget

Specifically, the Xiaomi MIJIA Fascia Gun 2 massage gun allows us to switch between static or dynamic massage mode with double compress.

This, according to Xiaomi itself, favors blood circulation and better relieves areas of accumulated muscle tension.

It should be noted that the control of its operation is operated through the rear panel. There, with easy-to-understand buttons and LED lighting, the user will be able to activate or deactivate the weapon, as well as switch between its various operating modes.

It is a simple operation that, in a few hours, will allow any user to quickly master its capabilities. The best of all? It is a quieter massage gun, with a maximum noise of 45 dB during normal operation.

Autonomy of up to 30 days of use and maximum force of 18 kg

We also have the possibility to use different massage heads and have a hot massage. In practice, the massage head heats up slightly, at three user-adjustable levels via the rear operating control panel.

So we can take full advantage of the capabilities of the built-in motor, capable of delivering up to 18 kg of massage force / weight and a torque maximum 600 Nm (force) with a maximum speed of 3200 rpm.

It is, above all, an update in terms of the engine, now more capable and with more operating modes compared to previous generations of the product.

Powerful massage with fast results, Xiaomi’s promise

The Xiaomi MIJIA Fascia Gun 2 promises quick relief from accumulated muscle tension and better blood circulation within a few minutes of using this new device. It is a powerful solution, with several adjustable intensity levels.

In addition, this new generation massage gun includes a total of 4 massage heads to better adapt to different parts of the body. Basically, we have various formats for these heads that are easy to change and operate.

The charging of this product is done through the USB Type C port, with a 2,450 mAh capacity battery. According to the brand, the autonomy will be sufficient for up to 30 days of normal use. In addition, it has a total weight of 0.8 kg.

Hot massages are the highlight of the new MIJIA Fascia Gun 2

The new MIJIA Fascia Gun 2 massage gun is on sale in China for 549 yuan, equivalent to 77 dollars or about 70 euros. In any case, it is very likely that this new product will also reach the European market and Portugal.

See, by the way, pistols from previous generations and similar ones from Xiaomi that can also be bought in our country. That being said, I think it’s only a matter of time before this new Xiaomi gadget also hits Xiaomi Store UK stores, for example.

Finally, the new MIJIA Fascia Gun 2 also includes a transport and protection case, perfect for storing the extra heads and the USB (Type C) charging cable.

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