Xiaomi MIJIA Cooking Robot: the crucial equipment for your kitchen

Xiaomi has just expanded its line of home equipment with the new Kitchen Robot that allows you to cook up to three different dishes at the same time.

The new MIJIA food processor offers up to 35 cooking options and, among its many features, can be controlled by voice.

3D induction heat technology for fast and even cooking

Xiaomi MIJIA food processor

Xiaomi’s MIJIA home range products are causing a stir around the world and the brand’s latest launch within this range promises to be equally successful. It is the new MIJIA food processor that will quickly become your “right arm” in the kitchen.

All because it has the ability to chop, grind, shred, knead, sauté, stew, cook at low temperatures and also weigh ingredients. It offers up to 35 cooking options and, to make everything faster, it allows you to cook up to three dishes at the same time.

The cooking container has a capacity of 2.2 liters and reaches a maximum temperature of 180 degrees. Through the eight-inch touch screen, you can access more than 200 recipes and tutorials that will help you on those days when you lack imagination to prepare dinner or lunch.

Xiaomi MIJIA food processor

And so that each meal is quick and delicious, the new MIJIA Cooking Robot is equipped with 3D induction heating technology that provides uniform cooking of all foods.

The equipment can be voice controlled via the Xiao AI assistant and uses CookingIoT algorithms to control the cooking process, and Over-The-Air upgrades will also be available for future improvements.

It also has a wide range of speeds between 40 rpm and 12,000 rpm to cover the different cooking needs of each dish.

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Xiaomi MIJIA food processor

The design is minimalist and elegantly black, and the equipment consists of only three parts: an eight-inch touch screen, a cooking container and a base.

The MIJIA Cooking Robot has just been available in China for a starting price of 5,999 yuan (about 870 euros) which will later go up to 6,999 yuan (about 1,020 euros). For now, there is still no information about the arrival of this equipment on the global market.

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