Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Vacuum Packaging: the best equipment for preserving food

Xiaomi has just launched the new Mijia Automatic Vacuum Packer on the Chinese market, which is the latest in food preservation equipment.

The small machine vacuum packs any type of food and has been specially designed to be easy to use.

Xiaomi Mijia automatic vacuum sealing: at the touch of a button the sealing is done

Picture of Xiaomi vacuum machine sealing bag

Preserving food, keeping its nutrients and properties intact, is not always an easy task. But Xiaomi has just launched a new machine that will make this task simple, fast and efficient.

The new Mijia Automatic Vacuum Packer automatically vacuum packs any food, including nuts, juices, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, among many others. The process couldn’t be easier.

Simply place the bag in the machine and it will be detected immediately using the integrated infrared technology. Then the vacuum sealing is completely automatic. At the touch of a button, the device vacuums, seals and lifts the bag.

Xiaomi vacuum machine with box of nuts

But best of all, this model provides compatibility with many accessories. Capable of supporting accessories with a diameter of up to 32 millimeters, the Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Vacuum Sealer is also compatible with vacuum bags with an air valve.

In regards to performance, the new Xiaomi machine is equipped with the new generation of vacuum pumps that has a large suction force of -70KPa and a flow rate of 7L/min.

Xiaomi Vacuum Machine Suction Power Picture

These features ensure not only the efficiency and speed of the sealing process, but also ensure that air is completely removed from the sealed bags.

Xiaomi’s new vacuum packaging machine has just been available on the Chinese market for a price of 299 yuan, that is, approximately 40 euros. Unfortunately, the brand has not provided information on whether this machine will be available globally.

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