Xiaomi Mi Band 8 is closer to launch than we expected

Xiaomi’s next successful product could well be the next Xiaomi Mi Band 8. This will be the new iteration of one of the most successful products of Chinese technology and one that generates a lot of ink annually.

Everyone is waiting for the launch of the Mi Band 8 in the middle of this year, however, the news involving this product has already started. Judging by what’s coming up now, the new sports tracking device may arrive a bit sooner.

[Exclusive] Production of a new Xiaomi Fitness Band (probably series 8) has started, the launch is expected to happen soon.#xiaomi #XiaomiBand8

—Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings) February 9, 2023

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 has already entered the production phase

Who gives the motto for the media coverage of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 was the filter Mukul Sharma. According to him, the new smartband has already entered the production phase, so its presentation may be closer than expected.

If this product has really entered the production phase, it means that Xiaomi has already decided what it will look like. Design and functionalities will be chosen, thus concluding one of the most important points of its development process.

If this is true, it means that, very soon, we will find ourselves before the traditional leaks and rumors. That is, the main features of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 will be announced soon.

The pillars of this type of product are its screen, battery, sports and health monitoring. It is here where we will see the main novelties of the new Xiaomi fitness bracelet and the arguments that will try to seduce us towards its purchase.

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As for the timing of the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8, it is considered that this could happen when the Xiaomi 13 Ultra is revealed. Something that could happen between April and May.

The truth is that the last three generations of Xiaomi Mi Band were released in the first half of the year. Therefore, it is perfectly plausible that the announcement of its eighth generation could take place in the coming months.

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