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Xiaomi may be the first to present this novelty in photography

The race for megapixels seemed to have slowed down, but now everything can change and from the hand of Xiaomi.

According to the information now published, the Chinese brand may be the first to integrate a huge 200-megapixel sensor into a smartphone. Do you want to know which model? We will reveal it to you right away.

Xiaomi Note 11 could be the first smartphone with a 200 megapixel sensor

Xiaomi has a tradition of being the first brand to introduce smartphones with new optical components

Last year Samsung presented its model with a 200 megapixel sensor and now it was Omnivision’s turn to present its 200 megapixel OVBOB sensor. And so the race for megapixels is relaunched to see which is the first brand to present a sensor with such capacity.

And, apparently, it will be Xiaomi. It is public knowledge that Samsung, despite manufacturing these high-capacity sensors, is not usually the first to introduce them to the market, since Xiaomi has a tradition of releasing the latest components.

Xiaomi bets on the specifications of mid-range smartphones

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (pictured) was the first smartphone to integrate a 108 megapixel sensor

It should be remembered that the Chinese brand was the first to introduce the 108 megapixel sensor on the market with the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. And it may once again be a pioneer when it comes to the new 200 megapixel sensor and present it in the Note model. from Xiaomi. eleven

If this information is confirmed, it is clear that the strategy of the Chinese brand is “artillery” in its middle segment, where this Note 11 model is inserted, with more advanced specifications to make them more attractive.

As for the 200 megapixel OmniVision OVB0B sensor, it has an optical format of 1 / 1.28 “and thanks to the integrated pixel binning technology, it allows to capture sharp and detailed images in low light environments with a resolution of 12 megapixels.

OmniVision’s new sensor is also, according to the brand, the first to use the entire area to deliver faster and smoother autofocus performance.

OmniVision OVB0B capable of 8K / 30fps video

But the new OmniVision sensor brings even more new features. For example, it is the first with this capability to use four-phase detection technology for autofocus.

Best of all, this sensor is capable of recording video in 8K resolution at 30 frames per second. Furthermore, this sensor is also compatible with dual CPHY, DPHY and DOVDD (1.8V and 1.2V).

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