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Xiaomi makes bold claims regarding 120W fast charging

OR fast charge It is one of the most notorious vectors of bet, development and investment among Chinese manufacturers of Android smartphones. It is, in fact, one of the main selling points of smartphones in 2021, something that does not go unnoticed for Xiaomi, the world’s second largest manufacturer of mobile devices.

In fact, Xiaomi is a pioneer in fast charging standards. This is despite the fact that in its local market, China is limited to a maximum power of 50 W due to local regulations. However, this manufacturer already has a 200 W experimental load standard, as well as a 120 W standard ready for application in the large consumer market.

23 minutes to charge the battery (0-100%) with a 120W load


Now, in the preamble to the launch of the new Xiaomi Mi 11T smartphones, which hit the market with fast charging at 120 W, the manufacturer wants to clarify this issue.

Note that Xiaomi did not disclose the charging time of the Mi 11T, however, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra smartphone launched last year hit the market with a 120 W load, taking 23 minutes to charge.

That said, we can take this value as a benchmark for a smartphone whose battery has a capacity of 4500 mAh, as is the case with the Mi 10 Ultra. However, several users raised concerns about the impact this standard could have on battery life and health.

With this in mind, wanting to clarify the matter, Xiaomi’s CEO of Communications Daniel Desjarlais made public some bold claims about 120W fast charging.

The executive, in summary, stated that there is no battery degradation as a result of this fast charging pattern.

Xiaomi claims that there is no negative impact on the battery with a 120 W load

Daniel Desjarlais, speaking with Publication The edge, commented on this new cargo pattern that will reach Europe and other global markets. He also commented on the efforts of his company in the search for higher loading speed.

In addition, the executive stated that consumers outside of China can count on this charging pattern in the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro smartphone. In this way, he also confirmed the existence of at least two models for the Mi 11T.

But how exactly does this type of charge work? The executive was succinct. “It’s like filling two gas tanks in the car at the same time.” Therefore, to speed up charging, the manufacturer divided the battery into “two tanks”, for example.

Segment the battery to speed up charging on Xiaomi smartphones

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By “filling” both power cells at the same time, the manufacturer was able to reduce charging times. This instead of “filling in” a single larger cell which of course would take longer. Furthermore, it would also create more waste of energy generated in the form of heat.

This charging technology, the executive said, is optimized by smartphone software. With the USB charger / adapter delivering a 120W power and instead of trying to inject the maximum voltage of 5V into a single channel, this voltage is divided into two, three, even four channels. In this way, all charging is done for 20 amps.

The Mi 11T generation will have fast charging at 120 W

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– Xiaomi (@Xiaomi) September 10, 2021

Therefore, even quickly charging the battery, it will not generate as much heat. Likewise, the battery should not suffer a degradation of its health and a decrease in its useful life. In practice, the Xiaomi executive believes, these batteries will have the same useful life as the others with slow charging.

This is something we have tested very, very well. ” said Daniel Desjarlais. “After 800 charge cycles, the battery health will be 80%. Now, although it seems like a lot, this degradation of 20% contrasts with the average of the mobile industry. These are solid results for this fast charging pattern. “

Finally, Xiaomi will present the new Mi 11T range on September 15. Among the new features will be the 120W fast charging standard on these smartphones.

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