Xiaomi M20 Pro is the new smart lock you’ll want to have

Xiaomi has one of the largest portfolios of smart home products, with several notable devices. The latest perfect for Smart Home or Smart Home, the new Xiaomi M20 Pro smart lock with screen and 3D facial recognition.

This new smart gadget also features a wide-angle optics camera system with a field of view capable of covering 180 degrees. The most interesting of all? You can even easily recognize people and strangers wearing a face mask.

Smart lock with screen to see who is at the door

Xiaomi M20 Pro Smart Lock

Although Xiaomi is best known for its quality/price Android smartphones, the truth is that it is increasingly specializing and promoting more in the Smart Home segment. The ecosystem of interconnected products from the Chinese manufacturer is one of the most complete and accessible on the market, with proven quality.

Among robot vacuum cleaners, electric scooters, air purifiers, travel bags, smart light bulbs, and even air conditioners, refrigerators, and a host of other products, we now have a new smart lock. It is perfect for us to know (and see) who is on the other side of our door.

The Xiaomi M20 Pro has a small screen that lights up every time a person touches the doorbell of the unit located outside, the external part of this gadget. It mainly focuses on security as well as general utility for the user’s daily life, and is now being launched in China’s domestic market.

Camera lock and AI-assisted 3D facial recognition

Xiaomi M20 Pro Smart Lock

It should be noted that this Xiaomi M20 Pro is equipped with a 3D facial recognition system assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI), capable of learning from use.

Thus, little by little, you will be able to recognize users who belong to the family, in front of strangers who may be visiting the home for the first time.

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In addition, the Xiaomi M20 Pro has a system of sensors and cameras with full coverage of the space in front of it. According to the brand, they are capable of offering a viewing angle of 180 degrees (wide angle) to detect who is approaching our home.

They can also detect and recognize people who wear masks, sending a notification to the cell phone when an event or contact arises.

In addition, the Xiaomi lock has a 5,000 mAh rechargeable battery that will power the intelligent systems.

Rechargeable battery with autonomy of 4 months in Xiaomi M20 Pro

The manufacturer promises an average autonomy of up to 4 months of use, also having a back or reserve guaranteed by 8 AA batteries that guarantee power to the mechanical systems for 12 months. That way, even if the battery dies, you’ll have a way to get in (or out) of the house.

Finally, the new Xiaomi M20 Pro smart lock is already on sale in China for 2,799 yuan, equivalent to 353 euros at the current exchange rate. At the moment, however, we do not have information that would allow us to assess its availability outside of China.

Xiaomi M20 Pro recognizes the owner of the apartment by 30,000 identification points on his face. The manufacturer claims that the camera cannot be fooled by photos, videos, skins, and other means, and the probability of false recognition is less than 0.0001%. Also, a second

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