Xiaomi launches the definitive cleaning machine that you will want to have in your home

Xiaomi has just launched a new wireless cleaning machine that will make house cleaning easier and significantly faster.

All because the new MIJIA Wireless performs three different cleaning functions in a single pass, in addition to being prepared to deal with any type of floor and dirt.

The new Xiaomi MIJIA performs multiple cleaning functions without tangled cables

Xiaomi MIJIA Wireless
Xiaomi’s cleaning machine can reach lower places with up to 12 cm in height

Cleaning the house is an arduous task that involves the use of some equipment, in different phases of cleaning. But, what if there was a machine capable of carrying out the entire floor cleaning process in one go? And the best thing is that now it already exists and comes from the hand of Xiaomi.

The Chinese brand has just launched its new MIJIA wireless cleaning machine that, in a single pass, sweeps, mops and washes the floor. All thanks to the innovative cylindrical brush, of the tracker type, which manages to cover a floor surface three times larger than conventional cylindrical brushes and performs the three aforementioned cleaning functions at the same time.

But there is more and better. The integrated rotating brush also has a longer circumference that makes it harder for pet hair to collect and tangle in your system.

The new Xiaomi MIJIA cleaning machine manages to reach hard-to-reach places

Xiaomi MIJIA Wireless
Xiaomi’s new cleaning machine is equipped with an innovative brush system shown in the image above.

On the other hand, when set to automatic mode, the new Xiaomi MIJIA is also capable of intelligently and automatically detecting the degree of dirt, adjusting all cleaning parameters, such as suction intensity and water output, for a more effective cleaning.

The new MIJIA cleaning machine is also equipped with the super flat reclining technology that consists of a water tank and an air fan capable of entering lower areas of difficult access up to 12 cm in height.

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In addition, the new MIJIA line cleaning machine for home is automatically charged as soon as it is connected to its charging base.

Xiaomi’s new MIJIA is already on pre-sale in the Chinese market for approximately 280 euros, but there is no information about its global availability.

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