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Xiaomi launches new superior fan with autonomy of up to 6 days

Xiaomi currently has a good selection of fans available in Portugal, through the Mi Store stores, for example. However, for its local market, the manufacturer has now presented the new model. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro Battery Edition.

As the name suggests, this battery-powered edition means we can use the fan anywhere, even if we don’t have a power outlet nearby. Whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or to relieve the heat during a barbecue, this is Xiaomi’s new option.

A new smart fan with a power bank integrated

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro Battery Edition

The summary, although crude and too succinct, brings us the essential characteristics of this product. It is a smart fan with advanced features, like the model released in mid-April. By the way, it also has some points of contact with the most compact portable fan.

The fan stands out for its rotor with two layers of blades. It also has a proprietary algorithm that helps it deliver a more natural feeling of ventilation, forming a smoother, more organic airflow. It is made of plastic and metal, with the traditional Xiaomi finish in white, with minimalist lines.

The highlight is the battery with 2,800 mAh capacity. This power cell makes the fan independent of the plug for a long period, according to the brand. In fact, the manufacturer ensures that an autonomy of up to two days in support if you are connected through the Mi Home app.

Autonomy of up to 6 days with the new Xiaomi Mijia fan

The autonomy of the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro Battery Edition can reach six days of operation if it is not connected to the control application through a smartphone or tablet. That is, almost a week of use without having to charge your battery.

We also highlight the double blade system that, in the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro Battery Edition, provides a softer and more natural blow, with each portion rotating independently. In this way the air vertices are avoided and the flow rate is increased.

Also, this fan is equipped with a DC motor to take power consumption into account. In other words, it is an efficient and economical fan, perfect for quietly cooling the home and saving on electricity consumption.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro Battery Edition can be controlled by voice

Equipped with a Bluetooth connection, this fan can be fully controlled via the company’s Mi Home app. There we can configure timers, take advantage of the advanced features of the product and customize its operation.

In addition, we can also start or end your activity using voice assistants. In this case, for now only with Xiao AI, Xiaomi’s voice assistant available in the local market, China.

technical characteristics:

  • Product model: BPLDS03DM
  • Voltage: 100V – 240V
  • Battery capacity: Li. 2,800mAh, 33.6kWh
  • Product Type: Table/Floor Fan
  • Rated Power: 24W, 50/60
  • Noise levels: less than 58 dB
  • Product weight: 3.2kg
  • Cord length: 1.6m
  • Remote control: available through the Mi Home app
  • Voltage (output): 12V – 2A
  • Product size: 343 x 330 x 1000mm

Finally, at the moment we have no forecasts for the arrival of this new model in Portugal, leaving for now an exclusive Xiaomi location in China.

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