Xiaomi launches new fridge-freezer at a price that conquers

Xiaomi has already shown in the past that it is much more than a company that sells smartphones. And as far as household appliances are concerned, it has grown steadily. His latest product is a Xiaomi Mijia 216 L Refrigerator.

The Mijia line is the one chosen by Xiaomi for its home appliances in China. And it is in this line that this new refrigerator has just been launched with a clean and very discreet design.


Most importantly, it does not require manual defrosting and has ionic sterilization and odor removal properties. It consists of three main sections, as you can see in the images.

The top is the fridge, and it holds 122 litres. In the middle we have 32 liters of fresh freezer for, for example, fish. At the bottom are the remaining 62 liters for the freezer.


In total we have the aforementioned 216 liters of capacity. As for dimensions, you can count on 678 x 572 x 1805 mm. The weight of the refrigerator is 48 kilograms.

Xiaomi Mijia 216L refrigerator is 99.9% antibacterial

The fridge stands out for being 99.9% antibacterial. The refrigeration is carried out in the form of a cascade, so that it does not affect the properties of the products. It promises daily expenses of only 0.63 kWh.

It has a temperature control button, three sensors for the same effect and automatic low temperature compensation. It features noise reduction technology to operate at 38 decibels of silence.

In China, it will hit stores on March 22 for €213 (1,499 yuan). It is a very attractive price, but there is no forecast of a possible global launch.

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