Xiaomi launches an oil-free fryer that you will want to have in Europe

Xiaomi continues its expansion effort by increasing the catalog of products for the smart home with the new large-capacity oil-free electric fryer. In fact, we now have the Xiaomi MIJIA Pro 4L Smart Air Fryer with good features.

The new product was launched on Xiaomi’s own community funding platform, Youpin, as well as through the manufacturer’s store in its home country, Xiaomi Mall, China. Now, it is important to know better the electric air fryer (air fryer).

This is the new Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L fryer

Xiaomi MIJIA Pro 4L Smart Air Fryer

The Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L is a large-capacity electric fryer that completes and improves some aspects of the one launched in Europe. The highlight of the new product is the transparent window on the front of the device.

This window allows you to observe food preparation without compromising the efficiency or thermal insulation of the device. As such, we have a valuable resource for home cooks to ensure food is cooked correctly.

On the other hand, the general design of the Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L is quite functional, with form accompanying function. In addition, the design of the product follows the minimalist lines of Xiaomi, with a predominance of black and white reflections.

The launch price of Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L is €55

Xiaomi MIJIA Pro 4L Smart Air Fryer

The Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L was launched with a special introductory price in China of 399 Yuan, equivalent to 59 dollars, or 55 euros at the current exchange rate. However, the recommended retail price will be 439 Yuan, about 65 dollars, or about 60 euros.

By the way, we remind you that Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L, already launched in Europe and with similar characteristics, has a recommended retail price of 99 euros. That is to say, a great discrepancy with respect to the values ​​practiced in China, something transversal to the entire Xiaomi portfolio and not exclusive to this manufacturer.

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Electric fryer has great capacity and versatility

Xiaomi MIJIA Pro 4L Smart Air Fryer

This new electric air fryer (fryer) reinforces one of Xiaomi’s fastest growing product segments, home IoT devices. In fact, after the MIJIA Smart Air Fryer sold more than 800,000 units in the space of a year. That said, the brand thus reinforces the segment with the new model with a 4-litre tank.

As its name suggests, the electric air fryer has a capacity of 4 liters. In addition, it is capable of reaching temperatures between 40 °C and 200 °C. Naturally, energy consumption will vary depending on the power required by the various operating and food preparation programs.

Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L has a power of 1200 W

Xiaomi MIJIA Pro 4L Smart Air Fryer

The fryer has three layers of thermal insulation for maximum efficiency and greater comfort, as well as safety, of use. The highlight, naturally, goes to the window, glass and insulated, to watch the food being prepared.

It should also be noted that this Xiaomi gadget has a maximum power of 1200 W, with smart controls, various preparation programs and automated functions. Furthermore, it has an LCD screen as well as a very succinct control panel.

Lastly, the food prep bowl has a double non-stick PTE coating. We also have a special treatment of the components to guarantee their durability, thermal insulation, safety and ease of cleaning.

Finally, we do not know when this new version of the electric fryer will arrive in Europe, nor if it will. However, we can buy the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L from €79.99 on sale at Mi Store Portugal.

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