Xiaomi launches a new water purifier that you have to know

Xiaomi has just expanded its range of products for the home with the launch of a new water purifier. For the most demanding with the quality of the water they drink, the Xiaomi MIJIA Water Purifier 600G is an essential piece of equipment.

Some of the highlights of this water purifier are its dual core or seven level filter. The brand does not shy away from praising the quality of the filtered water, stating that even babies can drink it.

Xiaomi wants to offer you the best water quality with its new purifier

The new Xiaomi MIJIA Water Purifier 600G comes with a front pump for its easy-to-replace filter elements. Inside, a PPC compound and other filter elements for reverse osmosis are used.

Xiaomi MIJIA 600G Water Purifier

The reverse osmosis filter used in this water purifier has a lifespan of up to 3 years. In addition, it comes with a total water purification capacity of 5,000 liters.

Another of the assets of this Xiaomi MIJIA Water Purifier 600G is the presence of a seven-level fine filter. This will ensure the retention of harmful compounds in the water it filters so you won’t be afraid to ingest it, even the most vulnerable.

Xiaomi claims that this equipment has a water purification rate of 68.5% and has a flow rate of 1.58 liters of water per minute. It also has water reflux technology to improve its quality.

Returning to the interior of the Xiaomi MIJIA Water Purifier 600G, we find a damping fuselage to reduce the noise produced by the equipment. According to the brand, this only reaches 53 dB while it is working.

The new Chinese water purifier is equipped with a digital display that will provide users with various relevant information. Here you can check the status of water purification, the quality of the water, the useful life of the filters and other relevant data.

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The Xiaomi MIJIA Water Purifier 600G was recently launched in China for the equivalent of €224. For now, it is only available in that market, as of yet with no information on its global availability.

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