Xiaomi’s portable compressor is one of the most useful products ever launched by the Chinese manufacturer. Recently introduced in China, the new model now hits global markets with surgical enhancements, not forgetting what made the original model popular.

The new model is called Xiaomi 1S Portable Electric Air Compressor. As its name implies and the design shows, the improvements are practically all inside. Starting with power and battery.

Xiaomi 1S Portable Electric Air Compressor Promises to Inflate 8 Car Tires on a Single Charge

First, it promises to be 45.4% more durable on a full charge. If you previously advertised being able to inflate with five and a half vehicle tires, now you can inflate up to eight.

Its high precision sensor can now reach 150 psi and 10.3 bar. With the new chip, you can detect the pressure difference with an accuracy of 1 psi, which is great if you are going to use it on your car or motorcycle tires.

Its battery is 2000mAh, and it makes the most desired leap from the obsolete micro-USB to USB-C. Like the previous model, you can inflate car, motorcycle and bicycle tires, but also other products such as soccer balls.


It measures 124 x 71 x 45.3mm, and the same LED display and emergency lighting. This can already be found in the Xiaomi Official Website globally, but the price is yet to be revealed.

In the next few days it is expected to be available for purchase on platforms such as Amazon and Portugal. For now it is still possible to find it in online stores, such as AliExpress, for prices around € 37 (but only with shipping from China).


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