Xiaomi launches a 2K outdoor surveillance camera that you will want to buy for your home!

THE xiaomi has a wide collection of surveillance cameras available in Portugal, for sale, for example, in the Xiaomi Store. However, the new release is one of the most promising with a new 2K 3 resolution outdoor surveillance camera, excellent technical characteristics for the segment.

More specifically, we are now learning about the Xiaomi AW300 outdoor camera. Its heart is a 3MP resolution CMOS sensor, capable of processing and scaling up to 2K for ultra-sharp image quality. The result? Excellent shots even at night, or so the manufacturer promises.

Chinese manufacturer launched the new Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300

Xiaomi AW300 Outdoor Camera

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 surveillance camera features wide dynamic range (WDR) technology to better expose shadow areas and strong lighting. Ultimately, you will be able to provide a higher quality image, even in harsh environments.

In addition, the Xiaomi camera has a powerful white flashlight with LEDs included to illuminate the environment, if necessary. At the same time, we also have infrared illumination, so the camera doesn’t go dark and can provide excellent night vision.

Also, when you sense someone passing in front of you or within your range, the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 automatically turns on the white LEDs to provide a higher quality image.

It is Xiaomi’s latest night vision surveillance camera

Xiaomi AW300 Outdoor Camera

This Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 camera can also notify the user through the app when it recognizes a familiar face, already registered. The notification, it should be noted, is sent to the smartphone or tablet, through the respective control application.

This is possible thanks to its range of action and “digital fence” which, upon detecting an object within this range, will wake up the camera, which will then be able to warn the user. In addition, the camera can emit a Siren and turn on, in quick succession (Flash style), its white LED’s to scare the possible intruder.

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Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 is IP66 certified for outdoor use

Xiaomi AW300 Outdoor Camera

The Xiaomi surveillance camera has built-in loud speakers as well as high-fidelity microphones. In addition, the microphone has a pickup radius of 7 meters, so it can also serve as a real-time intercom.

The best of all? Through the MIJIA application we can operate up to four cameras simultaneously and receive, in real time, the image and audio for complete coverage.

It should also be noted that the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 is IP66 certified and can work between 60°C and -30°C. That is, it is robust enough to operate in most climates.

We can also highlight the external Wi-Fi antenna, in addition to the Xiaomi security chip, with AES128 encryption algorithm. Also, the video uses the codec H.265 can be stored locally or in the cloud.

Finally, the Xiaomi surveillance camera costs a total of 249 Yuan, equivalent to 35 dollars, or 35 euros. Unfortunately, at the moment we have no information about its possible availability in Portugal.

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