THE xiaomi officially announced this Monday (23) through its official channels, the long-awaited partnership with leica. The best of all? The promise of a new android smart phone range top developed by both to arrive in July.

It seems that this could be the Xiaomi 12 Ultra that we have seen several rumors and some leaks about. We are still a few months away from the announcement, but according to the message shared by Lei Jun, the company’s CEO, this will be one of the most important launches of Chinese technology in 2022.

The strategic partnership between Xiaomi and Leica is confirmed

Xiaomi and @leica_camera have officially entered into a global strategic partnership in mobile imaging. Combining the legendary image and innovative technology, let’s look forward to a new era of mobile photography in July!

—Xiaomi (@Xiaomi) May 23, 2022

The announcement marks the beginning of a new era for Xiaomi, a manufacturer that had already collaborated with three other companies dedicated, among other areas, to image and photography. In fact, Lei Jun’s company had already collaborated with Sharp, Huawei and Panasonic in recent years.

Xiaomi’s next smartphone will use Qualcomm’s Snapdagon 8 Gen 1+

However, it should be noted that this recent announcement was not accompanied by details about the smartphone in question. However, we know that this mobile device will use the Snapdagon 8 Gen 1+ recently introduced by Qualcomm.

Xiaomi has been working closely with @Qualcomm for almost 12 years. This time with the announcement of the #Dragon mouth 8+ Gen 1, Xiaomi aims to bring everyone an even better user experience in our next flagship smartphone. #InnovationForAll

—Xiaomi (@Xiaomi) May 20, 2022

Above we can see the confirmation of the presence of this new top-of-the-range “engine” in the next Xiaomi smartphone, as well as the reaffirmation of the synergy between both companies. In other words, an affirmation of health and market power by Xiaomi, a brand that continues to bet on the best components for its mobile devices.

Xiaomi succeeds Huawei as Leica partner

Today, I am pleased to announce that @Xiaomi Y @leica_camera have developed a global strategic partnership in imaging technology. Combining a photography legend with our innovation, we are entering a new era in mobile photography. Exciting things to come in July!

– leijun (@leijun) May 23, 2022

Huawei started this “fad” for big smartphone manufacturers to collaborate with some of the best photography companies in 2016. However, manufacturers like OPPO and OnePlus would do the same with Hasselblad, while Vivo did the same with Zeiss.

Now, with the void left by Huawei in the smartphone market, Xiaomi has scrambled to capture not only a good chunk of Huawei’s previous market share, but also its most iconic partner. It now remains to wait for the presentation of the smartphone as a result of this new collaboration between both entities.

Finally, it seems that the smartphone in question will be the Xiaomi 12 Ultra, mainly focused on photography and image quality.


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