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Xiaomi does not recommend the Mi MIX 4 with a camera under the screen if you like selfies

Xiaomi launched the Mi Mix 4 earlier this week, and it’s the company’s first device with a camera under the display.

The company calls this CUP (camera under the dashboard) and It’s designed to deliver a full-screen experience at the expense of selfie quality.

This was confirmed by William Lu, senior vice president of Xiaomi, in his Weibo. Lu recommended to people who Buy phones with holes in the screen if you want the best quality selfies possible on a front camera.

My take on under-screen camera technology is: screen first.
-If the exposure area is visually very obvious, it is better to make a hole.
-If people are especially concerned about the result of the selfie, I recommend keeping the screen cropped.

If you’re not that critical with selfies and want a full screen, I recommend #MIX4. It is the best under-screen camera technology, a simple comparison will show.

As Lu indicates, if the intention is to let a lot of light pass into the area of ​​the screen above the camera, it’s better to stick with a hole in the screen.

The goal of the Mi MIX 4 is to provide a bigger screen to enjoy content, and now that we have the basics, it will continue to evolve and in a matter of years it will become a standard, just as it did with the evolution from frames to carvings. wide, the raindrop notches and finally the holes.

The executive assured that the under-screen camera technology is improving rapidly.

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