Xiaomi develops new technology that will replace polygraphs

Xiaomi is recognized worldwide for its smartphones, wearable devices, and Smart Home products. However, we are talking about a company that develops technology and with an uninterrupted process of innovation.

Your next investment could be very useful for the social area. At stake is a new patent that describes a new method to detect when a person is lying.

Xiaomi wants to use pupils as a method to detect lies

The news was reported by the ITHome publication and reports a new Xiaomi patent for “polygraph method, device, mobile terminal and storage”. That is, this technology could be part of future Xiaomi smartphones.


In the document, the Chinese technology company describes how this technology works on a mobile device. He adds that for that, you’ll need to be equipped with a rotating telephoto camera.

The objective, as you can imagine, is to capture the facial image of the subject, as well as the movements and trajectories of their pupils. Rules that will help the team in question to assess the veracity of what is said.

The rotating telephoto camera should be positioned at an angle that allows it to focus on the face of the person being tested. Its purpose is to analyze the pupil movements of that person and determine if they meet the previously established conditions to affirm that someone is lying.

Basically, it will work like a polygraph. It also monitors the physiological reactions of those involved to determine the veracity, or not, of the answers provided.

Studies reveal that when a person lies, their pupil diameter tends to dilate between 4% and 8%. Also, this person usually blinks eight times more than usual.

For now, everything we disclose only consists of a patent filed by Xiaomi and approved by the competent authorities. That is, the Chinese company was granted the intellectual property right on this technology.

Its implementation in a product and its subsequent commercialization is the sole responsibility of Xiaomi. We’ll see if he finds valid reasons to implement this idea.

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