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Xiaomi continues to block Android smartphones in these regions, beware!

Xiaomi is currently the world’s second largest manufacturer of mobile devices, such as Android tablets and smartphones. Its growth is undeniable, being increasingly accompanied by a concern for the experience of using its equipment. For this, the manufacturer has high quality requirements in all the markets in which it is present.

In other markets, however, the manufacturer led by Lei Jun is taking increasingly restrictive measures. These are countries where Xiaomi does not have an official presence, such as the United States of America, but where it is possible to import its phones and other products.

Xiaomi started blocking imported smartphones incorrectly

Xiaomi Android Smartphones

It should also be noted that the simple fact that Xiaomi does not have an official presence in a country does not prevent its equipment from working perfectly. In fact, not even access to local mobile networks, among other issues. This, of course, until recently that Xiaomi began to block these mobile devices, as we already announced in 4gnews.

The reason for this is Xiaomi’s export policy which prohibits the sale of smartphones in some countries and regions. However, until now the manufacturer did not prevent the activation and registration of these same computers until recently. However, the measure was labeled as temporary, but according to new reports, the lockdown will be to maintain.

It should be noted that the lock only affects 5 countries / regions, namely:

According to reports from various users, posted on platforms such as Reddit and Facebook, crashes are becoming more common in specific areas. The practice has increased in scale and intensity over the last week and, we now know, will continue to become permanent.

Blockade changes from temporary to permanent in 5 countries / regions

For the past few weeks, Xiaomi has been proactively blocking users from provisioning their phones if they live in Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, or Crimea, to comply with export regulations and stop resellers. https://t.co/51AdXIMgnW

– Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) September 9, 2021

Affected users cannot use their mobile devices. As we can see in the previous post, on Twitter, the measure acquires a definitive character in the regions where it is applied.

More specifically, the following message is displayed on the smartphone screen:

Xiaomi’s policy does not allow the sale or supply of the product in the territory in which you have tried to activate it. Please contact the retailers directly for additional information.. “

Please note that this lock does not affect the devices you are using firmware other than the official. For example, if they have installed an alternate ROM, this measure will no longer affect mobile devices in target countries and regions.

Nothing predicted the effective blocking of Xiaomi smartphones

On the other hand, although Xiaomi expressly indicates that exports are prohibited for certain areas and countries, nowhere does it say that it will block smartphones. Such a move, as expected, is disgusting some users.

Finally, now that this measure is final, the manufacturer will soon be forced to clarify this entire situation and associated practice. Nevertheless, You can check the Terms and Conditions Xiaomi, with point 14.2.

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