Xiaomi climbs to the headphone sales podium, still far from the leader

The Bluetooth (completely wireless) headset market is downright fragmented, with countless brands dividing up the ‘parts’ of it. But Xiaomi gained prominence at the end of 2022 by reaching the podium in this segment, according to Canalys analysts.

Although it fell 49% in its annual growth, Xiaomi was the third manufacturer in the world that sold the most Bluetooth headphones in the last quarter of 2022. And that gave it a 4% market share.

Global data of best-selling TWS (totally wireless) earphone brands in Q4 2022

This was, even so, below the second ranked in this segment, Samsung. The South Korean giant closed the year with a market share of 7%, although it had an annual drop of 24%.

Apple remains the undisputed leader in this segment

But both Xiaomi and Samsung are miles away from the market leader: Apple. The Cupertino manufacturer had negative 30% annual growth, but that doesn’t stop it from having a staggering 36% market share.

In fourth place in this segment we find boAt, a very strong manufacturer in India, which lost third position to Xiaomi. Even so, it remains at a 4% market share. In this top five, the only one that grew (11%) was Oppo, which now has a 3% market share in TWS headphones.

The new Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro
The new Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro

This data from Canalys contemplates a market in sharp decline during the year 2022, which followed the trend of smartphones. But 2023 is expected to be more positive for this and other segments.

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