Xiaomi CIVI: possibly the most attractive Xiaomi smartphone of 2021

Xiaomi’s next Android smartphone already has a name! It officially arrives on September 27 and now we have the first real photos of the smartphone Xiaomi CIVI. In fact, more than just a mobile device, you will be the founder of a new family of products.

The confirmation of its name and launch date came in recent days, and the first real images of the phone are already available on the Internet thanks to the filter Ice universe. As it is a source with a great reputation and a history of reliability, we have no reason to doubt its authenticity.

These are the first real images of the Xiaomi CIVI smartphone

In fact, you put them together, there is almost no difference, and even the bezel on both sides of the Xiaomi CIVI is narrow, we must not prejudge, it is necessary to recognize the progress of Xiaomi. pic.twitter.com/XxdbmB8RV5

– Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) September 23, 2021

First of all, everything points to the possibility that the new Xiaomi CIVI range will replace the Xiaomi CC, available in China. Its role in the segment, as a market strategy, will be similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G NE, therefore, we have features from mid-range to mid-range / high-end with special emphasis on cameras and design.

This last point, the design, promises to be one of the main selling points of the next Android smartphone. By the way, we see above the various images of promotional products, highlighting the elegant lines of the possible Xiaomi CIVI.

The Xiaomi CIVI stands out above all for its design

Again, taking into account the source in question, the filter Ice Universe, we have no a priori reasons to doubt the veracity of this material. Especially when the product is about to be officially unveiled on September 27 in China.

The source now offers us a sequence of photos of the new Android smartphone, here visible in a light blue finish, with some shine on the back. Also note the new format and emphasis given to cameras.

The new Xiaomi smartphone will be officially unveiled on September 27

Xiaomi CIVI, 2021 Xiaomi’s most beautiful mobile phone pic.twitter.com/uAjURmqUsa

– Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) September 23, 2021

Xiaomi will want, with the new CIVI smartphones, to win the preference of the female public. To do this, it invests primarily in product design, quality finishes, and camera experience.

At the same time, it maintains a competitive price for its smartphones from which this CIVI will be no exception. Likewise, the next Xiaomi CIVI could be the ideal purchase for anyone looking for a stylish and updated phone with a good quality / price ratio.

Finally, so far, we do not have information regarding its technical specifications. This is one of the last mysteries that the next smartphone of the brand led by Lei Jun still holds.

Xiaomi CIVI

We believe that its technical characteristics coincide with those of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite NE (New Edition), presented on September 15. Namely:

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