Xiaomi Buds 3: the alternative to the Apple AirPods Pro is on sale in the Mi Store

To those who seek the best TWS-bluetooth earphones of Xiaomi in 2022 we can point out the Xiaomi Buds 3. This is the latest generation, the most advanced and consequently also the most expensive that you can now buy in stores in Portugal.

It is a high-end product from the Chinese manufacturer with outstanding features such as active noise cancellation of up to 40 db. Additionally, it has three modes available for noise cancellation, as well as dedicated calling features.

Find out more about the price and shipping of Xiaomi earphones in Mi Store

Xiaomi Buds 3 headphones are the perfect alternative to Apple’s AirPods Pro

XIAOMI Buds 3 Headphones

Its usual price is €129, but you can now buy these Bluetooth headphones for €99 in the Mi Store Portugal stores. Is a 23% promotion valid until May 31, so you have the rest of the month to take advantage of the price.

Xiaomi Buds 3 headphones promise to go far beyond noise cancellation. In fact, in addition to maintaining the main noise cancellation functions, these telephonethe headphones also excel in terms of audio quality. In short, all you need to do is close your eyes and listen to every sound.

According to Xiaomi, the wideband active noise cancellation has a depth of up to 40 dB and can reduce background noise by up to 99%. So whether you’re in a noisy outdoor environment or on the subway, you can stay in your own world without interference.

Find out more about the price and shipping of Xiaomi earphones in Mi Store

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Xiaomi headphones are already on sale in Mi Store stores

Xiaomi Buds 3

It is also important to note that the autonomy of each headset is up to 7 hours with a recharge (with ANC turned off). On the other hand, you can get up to 32 hours of battery life if used in conjunction with the charging case (with ANC turned off).

In addition, the same set of headphones can be connected to two devices at the same time, which can be Android, iOS and Windows. That is, you can stop and switch to a call while watching videos on a tablet or computer, allowing you to easily switch between entertainment and work.

Find out more about the price and shipping of Xiaomi earphones in Mi Store

Autonomy up to 7 hours, or up to 32 hours with the charging case

Xiaomi Buds 3

Find out more about the price and shipping of Xiaomi earphones in Mi Store

Also note that the highly rigid diaphragm reduces high-frequency separation vibration. In this way, the high tones overlap, are sharp and clear. Therefore, the Japanese Daikoku CCAW coil covers high, mid and low frequencies. In addition, N52 double magnets are super magnetic and highly dynamic, which reduces the distortion rate of the earphones.

In short, these are possibly the best Xiaomi headphones for the most demanding consumers. Now on sale, it could be the perfect time to buy this remarkable product from Xiaomi.

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