Xiaomi brings an improved version of MIUI 12.5

The latest editions of the Mi MIX 4 and Tablet 5 series were not the only new products presented at the Xiaomi event. The company also introduced the improved MIUI 12.5 version with many updates, including a new icon design for a better user experience on all devices that are updated to this version of the system software, as well as new features like screen recording!

The improved version of MIUI 12.5 fixes 160 system problems and 224 system application problems, while improving performance with a full suite of optimizations covering all aspects of MIUI usage.

The new improved version of MIUI 12.5 focuses on improving fluidity and minimizing power consumption, while correcting errors, as well as optimizing its main features, including storage, atomic memory, focus calculation and smart balance. It is known that data fragmentation on this system was reduced by 60% after a test with a Xiaomi 11 Pro simulating 36 months of use where it became clear that the read / write deterioration was only 5%. This means that the phone will be like new, even if you have used it for years!

With the intelligent but effortless calculation of Memory Focus built into the system to process and restrict applications in the background, a device can run smoothly in 51 typical scenarios. Calculating the priority of the scenario based on what is most important to the current user maximizes efficiency by focusing only on the processes that are relevant, as well as reducing the use of CPU by 15% on average and energy consumption by 8%.

Smart Balancing features an adaptive algorithm that dynamically adjusts hardware power usage to keep it in its optimal performance zone. The technology was originally designed for the Xiaomi 11, where the average power consumption decreased by 10%. This means that users can enjoy their devices longer before they need to recharge.

Smart balance implemented in the latest device: Xiaomi 11. It works through dynamic adjustments and balance, so we have more time between charges with optimized resources when we need them most.


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