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Xiaomi blocks the use of their smartphones in Cuba and other countries

Xiaomi started block smartphones from multiple users in certain countries, that they will not be able to continue using them.

Although the devices can still be started, a message appears stating that their use in affected countries is prohibited by Xiaomi’s terms of use.

Apparently, the problem affects users in Cuba, Syria and some other countries. Anyone trying to use a Xiaomi smartphone with a SIM card from a local operator get a message of what “Xiaomi does not allow the sale or operation of this product in the region where you tried to activate it.”

Affected customers should contact the device vendor for more information. What else, the corresponding screen only shows the option to access WiFi network setting and an emergency call function.

In fact, Xiaomi bans the use of its smartphones in Cuba and Syria. In addition, this also applies to CNorth Korea, Sudan, Crimea Island and Iran.

Xiaomi does not explain the reasons, but one possible reason is that the Chinese manufacturer wants to avoid using the devices in countries to which the United States or other countries have imposed export restrictions. So far, there are almost no known cases of smartphones from other manufacturers affected by these locks.

Xiaomi does not officially sell its products in the mentioned countries, but they can enter through local importers or distributors who handle the import themselves. It is unclear whether it is possible to bypass device manufacturer lockdown using alternative ROMs.

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