Xiaomi and Google announce news for MIUI and offers for Xiaomi 13

TO xiaomi introduced a couple of new smartphones android remarkable with the series Xiaomi 13. At the same time, he also released the news through his image gallery, the app MIUI Gallery that will become more and more integrated google services.

First of all, a few weeks ago, Xiaomi disabled the built-in ability to sync captured photos and videos with its own storage service on the phone. cloud. Rightly dubbed Xiaomi Cloud, the service has been discontinued.

Xiaomi strengthens ties with Google by using more services such as Google Photos

Google Photos Xiaomi 13

However, instead we have direct integration with Google Photos, the back and Google’s own cloud storage, a well-known solution.

Now, during Xiaomi’s press conference at MWC 2023 in which 4gnews was present, we learn of another chapter of the partnership between the two companies.

The ad already formalized from the Chinese company, in the range of smartphones Xiaomi 13 users will be entitled to a Rehearsal (trial period) free for six months of Google One to one of the best modalities.

Xiaomi 13 Google One
Two of the current Google One service plans and their price.

There is 6 months of access to the subscription plan. premium Google One with 2TB of cloud storage. Normally at a cost of €99 per year, with the right to all associated benefits.

At the same time, in the MIUI Gallery application we still have, although disabled by default, the option to synchronize with the Xiaomi Cloud. Something that I was able to verify in the resident Xiaomi 13 (test product), already with the MIUI 14 version.

Google MIUI
Option present in the Settings of the Gallery application in MIUI 14.

Xiaomi apparently wants to make a gradual transition to Google services, especially outside of its home market. It is also a way to bolster consumer confidence in its products as a Chinese manufacturer establishing itself in the global mobile device market.

Xiaomi 13 with 6 months free Google One (2 TB)

Google One Xiaomi 13

For Xiaomi mobile phone users, we anticipate a simpler and more unified user experience. It will be a full integration of the Google service on Xiaomi phones and the respective MIUI gallery.

In addition, the user will be able to edit their images through the Google Photos application or the Gallery, with equivalent results. In other words, the same photo edited or deleted in Gallery will be deleted from Google Photos and vice versa.

At last, about the future Xiaomi smartphones that will arrive in 2023 we will have access to the base plane of the Google One with 100 GB Storage included.

In short, it is a step in the right direction, of that I have no doubt, with the consumer winning. More simplicity and less dispersion of content, with familiar and proven useful solutions such as Google Photos.

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