Xiaomi 14: the first information reveals the rival of the iPhone 15 Pro

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer led by Lei Jun has in the current Xiaomi 13 some of the best Android smartphones on the market, especially for those who value photography. However, we know that his natural successor, or rather, the generation Xiaomi 14 which, according to information leaks, will be inspired a bit by the Apple iPhone 15.

It should be noted that this is the first notable information leak, perpetrated by one of the leakers most famous in the sector, the person in charge of the Twitter profile @ice universe which has already provided us with excellent background information on the most important products. However, it is important to note that the veracity of his allegations is, at this time, impossible to assess.

iPhone 15 Pro and Xiaomi 14 will share (some) good attributes

Smartphone Pack Xiaomi 13 8Gb/256Gb + Mi Watch

Screen: 6.36” AMOLED at 120 Hz, Full-HD+
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 (4nm)
Storage: 256 GB UFS 4.0
Battery: 4500mAh at 67W
cameras: 50 + 10 + 12 megapixels / 32 megapixels

Launch: March 2023

The details were advanced by the aforementioned source on the Weibo social network. behold the filter said that the structure of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro will be thinner or narrower. However, it will be the same width as the current Apple iPhone 14 Pro, resulting in a smartphone that is easier to use with one hand.

Also, the same source said that the Xiaomi 14 will have extremely small margins for the screen. That is the bevels The screen will be smaller in the next generation, as well as in the future Apple iPhone 15 Pro that will apparently arrive in September 2023.

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Screen with reduced margins in the Xiaomi 14, as in the next Apple iPhone 15

Xiaomi 14

The source also mentions that the display supplier for Xiaomi 14 smartphones will now be Huaxing Optoelectronics. In short, we have a superior quality screen, as well as a reduction in margins or bevels the front panel of the phone.

It should be noted that the manufacturer Huaxing managed to create, even recently, an implementation with a super-thin margin. In this way, they give their screens an even more elegant appearance when installed in smartphones, with just 1 mm of margin in the four corners, also guaranteeing the long-awaited proportionality.

For comparison, the current average bezel size on high-end smartphones is 1.45mm thick. That is, here we have a 23% reduction in the width of the screen margins.

The range of Xiaomi 14 smartphones only arrives in Europe in 2024

Xiaomi 13

In practice, we hope this will give consumers the benefit of having a smartphone with even more screen area for the same front panel area. In other words, more area to enjoy the picture, a better look and a better smartphone experience.

For now, Huaxing Optoelectronics still has to put this new type of panel through various production and durability tests before it can guarantee its availability in the required quantities.

That being said, the “final margin” is likely to be a bit more than 1mm to also ensure its resistance to shocks and possible accidental drops.

Finally, it should be noted that it is extremely early for us to have even the slightest certainty about the Xiaomi 14. Xiaomi should announce the next-generation phones in December 2023 in China and only later, in 2024, in Europe.

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