Xiaomi 14 Pro: the design of the next smartphone is already closed

The Xiaomi 13 made its debut on the European market last February and the Xiaomi 13 Ultra was recently presented in China. Although this generation of tops is still recent, the development of the Xiaomi 14 Pro has already begun.

One of the first steps includes defining the overall appearance of the smartphone. Regarding the Xiaomi 14 Pro, Chinese technology has already completed the process of choosing its design.

Xiaomi 14 Pro will be the top of the range of the brand by 2024

Wei Xu, director of Xiaomi’s industrial design department, provided the confirmation. Good news that comes as a response to an Internet user and Xiaomi fan, curious to know the details of the brand’s next top-of-the-range Android device.

xiaomi 14 Pro

The netizen in question asked the executive if the Xiaomi 14 Pro will have a similar design to the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. In response, Wei Xu claims that the brand’s next top-of-the-range will have an even “more incredible” aesthetic.

Naturally, these statements do not reveal details of what Xiaomi’s next top of the range looks like. It only leaves us to imagine what the Xiaomi 14 Pro could bring to the market that could set it apart from the competition.

I remember that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra differed from the others by the presence of a secondary screen in its rear camera module. Strictly speaking, it was the same screen used in the Mi Band 5.

That secondary screen serves to display additional information such as notifications, weather, music playback controls and others. A detail called by many trick that did not pass to his successors.

Now it remains to be seen if the Xiaomi 14 Pro will be drastically different from the 13 Pro or if the tech company will continue with the choices of this generation. Details that we will only know when the first information leaks appear.

This shouldn’t happen anytime soon, as there are still many months to go before the reveal of the Xiaomi 14 Pro. It will only be late summer or early fall when the first ones will appear. leaks with credibility

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