Xiaomi 13 Ultra: can a smartphone change everyday photography?

The perspective of an engineer and a photographer on the evolution of digital photography as a source of inspiration. The motto? The worldwide launch of Xiaomi’s latest and most daring mobile phone, the captivating Xiaomi 13 Ultra focused 100% on photography.

Now we have, after the debut of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra in the global markets, Xiaomi launches its video “Inspiration in technology. The name? Photography in life” which explores the art of photography in a narrative perspective.

The technological advance of cameras in everyday photography

The essay on Xiaomi’s everyday photography and technology was born from the collaboration of Eolo Perfido, an Italian photographer, creative director and instructor at Leica Akademie, and Fei Daimin, an engineer from Xiaomi’s Camera Department.

Later, we can see the video that presents his perspectives on the contribution of the technological advance of cameras in the creation of new memories. Capture and share stories, or even bridge cultural differences.

xiaomi 13 ultra

The conversation shown in the video explores the deeper meaning of photography and the true impact that technology-enabled cameras can have on people’s lives. This is both in the sense that technology allows us to retain a moment in time that can be remembered and in the sense that it is an instrument of unity between people.

Contrary to what happens with photographs in physical format, which wear out when touched and lose color over time. Here, digital photos can be stored for much longer while maintaining image quality.

Thus, according to memory, intact. “I believe that photography has the power to evoke emotions and provoke reflections. It gives people the ability to freeze moments and preserve memories. As for the photographers, it gives them the chance to tell stories, without the need for many words”, says Eolo Perfido.

The creation of new memories on a photographic substrate with the Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Connection is another key point of modern and technologically advanced photography. Through images it is possible to promote understanding between different societies by capturing glimpses of their traditions, culture and lifestyle.

“Xiaomi camera engineers believe that the technology should contribute to establishing connections between people of different cultural backgrounds,” explains Fei Daimin. The engineer confesses that, like any user, she enjoys capturing everyday life with her smartphone.

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