Xiaomi 12: this may be the design chosen for the smartphone

At the beginning of next year, Xiaomi’s new high-end smartphone will be unveiled. The name ‘Mi’ will no longer be part of the designation, so we will have the Xiaomi 12 in early 2022, with rumors and leaks piling up.

We recently reported the registration of a patent for the supposed Xiaomi 12. Jermaine Smit, better known as Concept Creator, created a smartphone concept based on this data in association with the LetsGoDigital.

One of the immediate highlights of this kit is its curved panel, even at the corners. Following this patent, the smartphone can have the front camera in the hole drilled in the upper left corner. However, the designer chose to put this camera under the screen in his concept.

Xiaomi 12 cameras can be centered

Contrary to what has been the trend, this patent shows us cameras centered on the rear of the equipment. And judging from the patent, the team will cover three cameras.

Xiaomi Concept 12
Xiaomi Concept 12

The largest, placed higher, will be the main one. Just below it will be the ultra wide angle. With a rectangular design, in the background there will be a periscope lens used for zooming.

Remember that the filter Digital Chat Station recently advanced that the Xiaomi 12 could be the first smartphone with the 200MP sensor developed by Samsung. Something that will be reserved for the base model.

Xiaomi Concept 12
Xiaomi Concept 12

If confirmed, this would be a different design than the previous generation and quite interesting. But it is worth noting that this is a concept based on a patent registered by Xiaomi and therefore should be viewed with a pinch of salt.

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