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Xiaomi 12 Pro will offer impressive charging speeds

A few days after the presentation of the Xiaomi 12 line, the technology company reveals one of the trump cards of the next Xiaomi 12 Pro. As announced on social networks, this model will have a fast charge at 120 W.

This is the fastest charging pattern that Xiaomi can provide to its users. The first model to boast of this technology was the Xiaomi 11T Pro, capable of fully charging its battery in just 17 minutes.

Xiaomi 12 Pro with 120W fast charge thanks to the Surge P1 chip

For the Xiaomi 12 Pro, the company decided to improve this technology. The next top of the range of the brand will feature the chip Patented Surge P1, designed with optimization of these battery charging speeds in mind.

Xiaomi 12 Pro

It took 18 months of work and an investment of 100 million yuan to develop this chip P1 appears. The result will be impressive loading speeds in a thin and light product.

The new Surge P1 will take care of an intelligent management of the temperature of the Xiaomi 12 Pro. This system aims to ensure that the smartphone does not exceed 37 ° C and thus offer users a constant and fluid performance.

This component can, therefore, oscillate between a current transmission with maximum potential or reduce the amount of energy that reaches the battery. This is so that fast charging at 120W is safe.

For now, we do not know how long it will take to fully charge the battery of the Xiaomi 12 Pro. In fact, we do not even know yet what the total capacity of this cell will be.

Remember that the advertised 17 minute charge for the Xiaomi 11T Pro applies to a 5000 mAh cell. If the Xiaomi 12 Pro has a similar battery, the times should not fluctuate too much.

The presentation of the Xiaomi 12 Pro will be on December 28, so it will not take long to know all the details. There we will also meet the Xiaomi 12 and the Xiaomi 12X.

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