Xiaomi 12 Mini: is this the design of the compact Android flagship?

The rumors prior to the presentation of the Xiaomi 12 realized that the brand would be developing an even more compact top of the range. This could reach the market with the name Xiaomi 12 Mini.

There are still many doubts about what we should expect from this small Android top of the range. His design is included there, which, however, may now have been revealed thanks to some yield.

Xiaomi 12 Mini First Look πŸ‘€ pic.twitter.com/9rW5jSAYSm

β€” Sam (@Shadow_Leak) January 31, 2022

Xiaomi 12 Mini with some differences with the top of the range already launched

The images we saw were shared by @Shadow_Leak. Via Twitter, this source reveals the first illustration of the upcoming compact Android flagship.

Only the rear of the alleged Xiaomi 12 Mini has been revealed and it immediately stands out from its siblings. The new smartphone features a triple camera with the lenses arranged vertically.

This is a design that quickly reminds us of the LG Velvet. It stands out for having each of these lenses its own accommodation space, renouncing the modules and protuberances that are increasingly common in the technological market.

This is a detail that differentiates this Xiaomi 12 Mini from the rest of this top-of-the-range range. The Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro have a rectangular module to house their three lenses.

even though these yield do not represent the front of the Xiaomi 12 Mini, it is speculated that this panel will be less than 6 inches. Only then will the Chinese be able to baptize this team as β€œMini”.

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It is important to underline that we cannot attest if this will be the final design of the Xiaomi 12 Mini. they are just yieldgraphic representations that can be very different from the product that Xiaomi is developing.

Something we don’t know yet is when the Xiaomi 12 Mini will become official. An ideal moment would be when the Xiaomi 12 Ultra is presented, but only with time will we be able to assess the credibility of this theory.

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