Xiaomi 12 could lose this title to the next Motorola smartphone

Now that Qualcomm has set a date for its presentation event where we will meet, among other innovations, the Snapdragon 898 processor, the race for the possibility of being the first smartphone to integrate this chipset has also started.

Among the most likely candidates are manufacturers such as Xiaomi and the Xiaomi 12 range, in addition to Motorola, which, given the new information, may be ahead of the others and will very soon bring its Motorola Edge X to the market in 2021.

Motorola Edge X could be the first smartphone with Snapdragon 898

Motorola Moto Edge X

The announcement of Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 898 processor is expected to take place on November 30. However, we see several information leaks, evidence of points of reference and other clues about a powerful new Android smartphone from Motorola.

In question is the supposed Motorola Moto Edge X, its first mobile device to integrate the Snapdragon 898. points of reference revealed so far we know this will be the flagship of the brand for the year 2022.

As such, we also see Qualcomm’s superior processor making its presence felt on the phone. Apparently this will effectively be the next chipset of American technology, Motorola could be ahead of its Chinese rival Xiaomi.

The race for the new Snapdragon 898 is between Motorola and Xiaomi

Although for the consumer this event does not make a big difference, for the manufacturers it continues to be a source of pride. The possibility of putting a new product on the market with the most powerful processor of the moment on the market is increasingly appreciated first. In fact, if in 2020 Xiaomi did it with the Xiaomi Mi 11, it is expected that it will try to do it this year with the Xiaomi 12.

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However, Lenovo CEO Chen Jin, the manufacturer responsible for Motorola, shared the image present above on his Weibo page. It was accompanied by a promising title “infinitely powerful” that referred to the Motorola smartphone.

Although it has not confirmed it, it is very likely that it is an implicit reference to the Snapdragon 898. Note that until the official presentation of the processor, the manufacturers cannot reveal their identity.

Moto Edge X | One of the first devices with Snapdragon 898 technology pic.twitter.com/UNK4OwL5yn

– Anthony (@TheGalox_) November 8, 2021

More recently we saw a filter to point in that direction. He also comes from China, so he appreciates the possibility of Motorola getting ahead of Xiaomi.

In short, we know that the new Snapdragon 898 processor arrives at the end of November. In addition, it will be at the beginning of December when several manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Motorola will present the first smartphones with this chip.

Finally, it remains to be seen who will own the title of the first Android smartphone with the Snapdragon 898 processor.

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