Xiaomi 12: after all, the design of the camera may be a little different than previously thought

Everything indicated that the design of the rear camera of the Xiaomi 12 would have a ring shape, but new rumors advance that the design could be completely different.

On the other hand, it is now also reported that Xiaomi’s next flagship will have already entered the mass production phase.

The mass production of the Xiaomi 12 will have already started

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Until now, the most diverse sources of information claimed that the configuration of the rear camera of the Xiaomi 12 would be in the form of a ring. But the well-known and trusted leak digital chat station claims that the design can be completely different, although it doesn’t matter which design is chosen.

On the other hand, the well-known leaker also claims that the mass production of the Xiaomi 12 will have already started and that, for this reason, the terminal should be available for purchase at the end of this year or early next year, in China. Apparently, European users will have to wait a bit longer for Xiaomi’s long-awaited flagship.

This latest information gains strength if we remember that the Chinese brand announced the Xiaomi Mi 11 5G as the world’s first terminal equipped with Snapdragon 888, in December of last year. Not only do the dates coincide, as Qualcomm is preparing to launch its Snapdragon 898 processor exactly by the end of 2021.

What we already know about the Xiaomi 12

Xiaomi 12
Xiaomi 12: design suggested by Let’s Go Digital website credit @ LetsGoDigital

Rumors about Xiaomi’s next flagship continue to happen, at a maddening rate, in the web world and by now several possible specifications that the terminal will have been advanced will have been advanced. Like, for example, being equipped with Samsung’s E5 Quad HD + screen that allows a refresh rate of 1 to 120 Hz, to cause less impact on battery life.

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It was also announced that the Xiaomi 12 will be the first terminal to integrate Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 898 processor and that the terminal will have versions with 8 and 12 GB of RAM, in addition to providing various internal storage capacities: 128, 256 and 512 GB . .

As for the battery, it is advanced that the Xiaomi 12 will be equipped with a 5000 mAh model, but as for the fast charging support, the information differs. Some experts say that the model may already be equipped with the new Hyper Charge to charge at 200 W, while others say that this is premature and add that the load will be 120 W wirelessly.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Finally, the camera also begins to receive a lot of information. As we already said, the design will appear to be different from the previous advanced ring-shaped ones. But the information that Xiaomi’s flagship will feature a triple rear camera setup is unanimous across all sources of information. Possibly, the three sensors located on the rear of the Xiaomi 12 will have 50 megapixels each.

As the month of December approaches, the date scheduled for the official presentation of the model, the leaks of information about the flagship are happening at a dizzying pace, which is already customary when it comes to long-awaited equipment like this one from Xiaomi. .

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