Xenophobia in Chile: the government of Venezuela offered to repatriate immigrants who were attacked

After the xenophobic mobilization that a sector of the Chilean population carried out in the city of Iquique, the government of Venezuela offered to repatriate immigrants from that country who were discriminated against, attacked and assaulted during that protest.

This was announced by the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry when communicating that it is advancing the procedures together with the Chilean authorities with the aim of “Repatriate nationals and victims of xenophobic attacks, as instructed by President Nicolás Maduro. “

The decision released by the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Félix Plasencia, is the formal response of the Bolivarian government after the march that last Saturday took place in Iquique against immigration.

The mobilization in that northern Chilean city began with a demand to the authorities to “protect” Chileans from what they call “illegal immigration”. escalated into insults and ended with the burning of foreigners’ belongings.

The repudiation of Maduro and Piñera

The government of Nicolas Maduro immediately came out to condemn those facts while that of Sebastian Piñera He did not do so until foreign criticism began to resonate. Just on Monday, during his visit to Uruguay and Paraguay, the Chilean “categorically repudiated the brutal aggression that an uncontrolled mob” committed on the migrants.

However, he clarified: “We are fulfilling the commitment to put order in our house, promoting legal, orderly and safe migration that protects the rights of migrants who are often abused by human trafficking gangs and that also protects the rights of Chileans“.

The “Plan Vuelta a la Patria”, of Venezuela

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government announced the launch of the Return to the Homeland Plan to guarantee the safe return of all those Venezuelan migrants in Chile who so desire.

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“They have a country that welcomes and loves them”, was the message that Maduro sent to the attacked people. “Venezuela is a receiving country for migrants, there has been no persecution or mistreatment against foreigners who decided to come to our country, we have treated them with love, we have never persecuted them,” he said.

Last Sunday, the Venezuelan vice president, Delcy Rodriguez, demanded that the Chilean authorities respect the physical integrity of the Venezuelan migrants.

“Venezuela repudiates xenophobia and attacks against Venezuelan migrants and demands that the national and local authorities of Chile respect the physical and psychological integrity of our fellow citizens,” Rodríguez posted on Twitter.

Even the former Bolivian president Evo Morales joined the repudiation of acts of xenophobia against migrants. “We repudiate the acts of xenophobia and discrimination experienced in #Iquique, #Chile against migrant families who seek to save their lives from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and savage capitalism. Humanity needs solidarity in the face of adversity “he said on Twitter.


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